Random Pandora find of the week: Skybox: In a Dream


Just a random song that popped up on my Pandora channel that put me in a good mood.


The Hold Steady: Stevie Nix


Yeah, I know everyone that reads this blog is sick of me linking Hold Steady vids, but I just happen to think they might be the best rock band out there right now. Amazing lyrics, great players, and Craig Finn as one of the most fun front men to watch in a long time.

This song might not make a lot of sense if you haven’t listened to them in the past but one of their first albums was basically almost a rock opera about a junkie named Holly so when it talks about a woman it’s talking about her.

Btw, the interview at the beginning is only like 45 secs but skip if ya want. I’d just suggest you give this song a shot, it goes from rocking out to downright low key with some great transitions and the keyboardist solo is great