Thursday blahs

Well. I can’t say I’ve had a bad day per se. I’ve gotten some schoolwork done and have had guys here working on my deck and gutters. I’ve just been nervous all day waiting for the test results call from the dr’s office that may or may not come today. Ugh.

I’m glad it’s Thursday though. This has been a looong week. After going down to Atlanta last weekend I’m looking forward to planting my ass on the couch on Saturday and watching some serious football. Got LSU coming to UGA at 3:30 and I’d be stupid to not be worried about this game. I think the Dawgs can put up some points but the D and Special Teams need to get their shit together to win this one. I think I’m already starting to get that corndog smell from the LSU fans that will be coming lol.

I’m listening to the audiobook of the new Stephen King book Doctor Sleep. I’m not too far in but it seems pretty good so far. It’s ostensibly a sequel to The Shining. One of the main characters is the kid from that book now grown up. I’ll see if it’s worth a recommendation once I finish it.

Anyway, off to get a bit more work done and wondering if I want the phone to ring or not.

Quick outs

Had a decent weekend in Atlanta. Got to see my buddy Collin and his wife Becky last night. We cooked steaks and watched football. Was great to see them.

Didn’t strictly follow my new dietary plan this weekend: had to get some PF Chang’s on Friday night and didn’t have my daily smoothie yesterday.

Still, my mom had a scale and I’ve lost like over ten lbs already between cutting out the beer and eating better.

My goal is to basically never eat fast food or junk food and cut out as many processed foods as I can. Who would have guessed I’d turn into a health nut?

Dawgs played a sloppy game on Saturday against a team they should have blown out. It was raining so that was probably part of it but if they want to beat LSU this coming weekend they better get some things shored up: particularly special teams.

Next to the last episode of Breaking Bad tonight. I’m dvring it right now to watch in a bit. It’s been an amazing final season.

Wings from McD’s. Yuck.

I hate the smarmy redhead bitch from the Wendy’s commercials.

If you’re a college football fan I highly recommend the book The System by Armen Keteyian and Jeff Benedict. I listened to the audiobook and honestly wasn’t bored for a single minute of the 15 hours or whatever it was. Goes into virtually every aspect of the sport and has some great stories and personalities. Shows both the good and bad sides of my favorite game.

I like the look and some of the new features of the new iOS that they just released with the new phones. Wasn’t sure at first but it’s growing on me

Nice of Facebook to finally not still show my ex on my chat list months after I blocked her.

Along those lines I need to find a new dating site. Had her damn profile pop up earlier on the one I’ve used for years. Of course she was going to be too upset and busy to look for someone new for a long time(sarcasm).

Well, I need to finish up some school stuff. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

First post in ages

I haven’t posted in forever it seems like. I doubt anyone bothers to check this blog anymore. I’ve had things I wanted to write but just have been busy in addition to having a shit month or two. Between my grandmother dying, another bad breakup, and having to work my ass off to get this house on the market so I can move back closer to civilization, I’ve been stressed and overwhelmed. Add to that getting some not so great results on some medical tests a couple weeks back and my life has been pretty much shit lately.

Anyway, as far as what’s been going on with me, like I said I’ve just been stressed and sad and a bit out of it lately. I’m only taking one class this semester, an online one at that, because I’ve got to get this house listed and sold so I can move onto another phase of my life. It’s beautiful up here and most people would probably kill to live on a river but I just feel way too isolated. I don’t want to move all the way back down into Atlanta because I can’t deal with the traffic and don’t really fit in there anymore, but I’d like to restaurants to eat at, places to shop, and to not have to drive 20 mins to get to a decent grocery store.

I’m also sick of being a hermit. I know noone up here that I care to see and while I’m someone that isn’t that affected by loneliness, I feel like the world is passing me by. I’m already making some changes in my life and moving out of here will be one of the bigger ones. I’m finally starting to eat healthy and starting to exercise again. I’ve basically quit drinking again, partly for health reasons and partly because I don’t want to get back to where I was in the bad old days. I might have a beer or two here and there but I haven’t had more than two or three beers in a night in a month or two.

So I guess with all the negativity in my life I’m at least making some changes for the positive. Plus it’s football season again so that always cheers me up, even if my Dawgs might not have a great year this year. I’ve got company coming this weekend and I’m excited about that. It’s been ages since I’ve not been alone up here. I’ve just been working on this house, reading a lot, and watching a lot of movies. I want to have a life again. I’d like to be able to see the few friends I still have left more than a couple of times a year.

I’m taking some time off from relationships for a bit. If I happened to meet the right woman that could change, but I don’t have the patience or willpower to do the online dating thing again right now and I’m sure as hell not gonna meet the love of my life around these parts. I need to get my shit together as far as losing weight and getting into better shape healthwise before I’d want to dip my toe in that pool again anyhow. Not to mention after this semester I need to focus on school so I can finally not be the resident fuckup of my circle of friends anymore.

Well, that’s about all I can really think of to write tonight. It’s already late and I should be asleep; gotta love insomnia. If anyone actually reads this, thanks and I’ll try to actually post something interesting in the near future that doesn’t have to do with me. I’ve read a ton of books lately so maybe I’ll do a book recommendation thing again. Peace.

The Modern Days Sports Fan

Ugh, so I’m going to talk about something that most people probably don’t give a shit about but that bothers me: sports fans and the internet. I’m a pretty big sports fan as has previously been described, especially when it comes to football. I have blogs and sites that I go to every day to read about my teams. I have in the past posted on forums and messageboards. That of course has a bad reputation and there are many bad to literally insane messageboard/forums/blogs out there for any team in any sport you can think of. But there’s also some good ones where you can have a back and forth with intelligent fans of your team.

And unlike pre-internet days, it really can help you vent your disappointments and celebrate your victories with people of like mind. As I pointed out in my college football orphan post, I’m a fan of a team(UGA) who doesn’t have that many friends who are also fans of that team, so many time a blog or messageboard is the only chance I have to vent or talk about said team. One that I’ve been going to for years is “Get The Picture”, one of the few sites I have in my links. It’s run by a guy that I used to post with on an old now defunct UGA forum years ago.

Being a blog and not a messageboard, and being run by a levelheaded guy, it doesn’t get nearly as crazy as a lot of places do after a loss or whatever. But reading the comments section on there still gives you a microcosm of the world of internet sports fandom at large. Which is to say that it reminds me a lot of partisan politics. You have people that live and die by their belief in one issue or another and anyone that disagrees is not a “real fan” or a bad person or whatever.

To bring it back to UGA, blind homers and people that think everything is great and you should never question any coach or player are called “Disney Dawgs”. I’m not sure what the name is for those that bring up negative things, but inevitably they are accused of trying to stir things up, not being “real fans”, or only showing up after losses to bitch, among other things. Now that’s not to said that the people who are negative don’t make fun of the “Disney Dawgs” either, they certainly do.

Then you have people like me, those in the middle, those that don’t think that the UGA coaching staff can do no wrong but also don’t expect them to be fired tomorrow morning. The problem is that like with politics, it’s getting more and more impossible to stay in the middle anymore. If you say something that one side disagrees with, you’re vilified by that side, you’re not a “real fan” etc.

I find it discouraging both that being a sports fan can be like following politics and that even though the internet can bring people together with similar ideas from all over, it also lacks the civility that you would use when dealing with someone with an opposite view in real life. I’m sure there’s probably political messageboards and blogs out and there I truly shudder to think how bad they must get.

Just take a fucking step back people: whether it’s sports, politics, music, art…whatever, just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t make them a bad person, fan, someone with bad taste, etc. Stop tying your own personal opinions into your self worth so much that you actually get angry because someone dares not share the same opinion as you all the time. I’m certainly as guilty as any at getting into arguments with people over dumb shit, but just try to have some civility even if it is just the internet.

UGA/UT game final thoughts

Well, that was a wild game. Not very happy with how the defense played and they better get things tightened up during the week. Next week is against South Carolina for possibly the SEC east title. I’m not sure that the Cocks have the passing game that UT has but they have Marcus Lattimore…which is scary enough.

So, on to the game: as previously mentioned it looked like the Dawgs might win this one going away in the first quarter until stupid mistakes and turnovers let the Vols not only get back into the game, but take the lead until a tying field goal right at the end of the half by UGA.

One the positive side, Keith Marshall has officially entered my man crush zone along with Todd Gurley…see above picture. Most teams are happy to have a running back get over 100 yards: Marshall ended up with 164 and 2 TDs and Gurley had 130 and 3 TDs. I honestly haven’t been this excited about one, let alone two, freshmen since maybe AJ Green’s freshman year or Matt Stafford’s, and honestly these guys have been more impressive than either of those eventual first round NFL picks so far. It’s amazing that these guys were playing high school football this time last year and now they are playing in the toughest conference in college football, and playing well. The really cool thing is that they were friends in high school and decided to come to UGA together so while there’s probably healthy competition, you can tell they both pull for each other.

Anyway, enough gushing about my man crushes. As for the rest of the offense, if you take out a few bad plays that led to turnovers, they were basically unstoppable. UT’s defense had no answer for the running backs or the passing game. As much as I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Aaron Murray over the years, I really think he’s improved a lot this year. His decision making seems to be a lot better even though I still reeeeeally wish he would hold onto the ball when he’s about to get sacked. A sack fumble inside Georgia’s 20 led to some of the gift points that UT got today to get back into the game. If you don’t watch much UGA football, this happens more than most fans would like with Murray. He had a pick six also but overall he played pretty damn well and the offense is putting up 40+ points a game so far this year.

As far as the receivers go, I really can’t remember a lot of big plays by them outside of two nice TD catches by Micheal Bennett, who is close to man crush eligibility too. It’s not that the receivers played badly, but it seemed like every other drive one of the RBs was ripping off a 50+ yard TD run so Murray wasn’t getting a chance to throw it around as much as usual. TE Lynch had another nice run after catch.

As much as I’m hot and cold on Mark Richt and the OC Mike Bobo, I can’t complain about how many points the offense is putting up this year. My only quibble would be their tendency to go conservative in the 4th quarter with a lead. While that’s smart when the defense is playing well, with the way the offense was humming like a well oiled machine and the defense was…well..let’s be nice and say not doing the same, the run 2 times into a stacked line and then have an incomplete pass on 3rd and long and then punt might not be the best strategy.

I was reading on some Vol message board earlier where some posters were pointing to their defense shutting UGA down in the 4th quarter. To that I would say that anyone that has watched any video of Georgia in the last five years plus, could tell you that Richt/Bobo were going to go conservative with a lead in the 4th quarter and try to run clock. It doesn’t take a genius Defensive Coordinator to figure this out and stack the line knowing that UGA isn’t gonna come out slinging it around. A win’s a win, and yes, if Richt/Bobo had let Murray keep slinging it around or taken a few more chances then a mistake could have had dire consequences, but on the other hand us fans might not have had to sweat out a 7 point lead where the defense finally came up with some turnovers to stop UT.

As far as the defense goes, I don’t really know what to say. This was the week that it got back it’s best safety and one of the better LBs from suspension, so everyone figured it would come out firing on all cylinders, but that was not at all the case. Granted 7 of UTs points came off the pick six and at least 14 points came from very short fields due to fumbles by Murray and Marshall, but there were also UT receivers running free. Patterson had a sure TD pass clank off his hands and Bray missed some other open guys. The scarier part to me was that UT was actually able to run reasonably well: that was supposed to be the Vols’ main weakness. And a reverse run by Patterson for a long TD looked like the Keystone Cops were trying to tackle him.

On the positve side, Swann had a really nice interception in the first half, a one handed grab, and the defense was finally able to turn over Bray on his last three drives to win the game, but damn, they need to play better than that to beat SC next week. I wonder if perhaps having Rambo and Ogletree back might have been part of the problem, they were bound to be a bit rusty with this being their first game. And unfortunately my defensive mancrush Jarvis Jones didn’t have his name called a lot today and there was basically no pressure on Bray until the last few drives that sealed the game in the 4th quarter. I’ll give a lot of credit to whoever UT’s OC is, he really took Jones out of the game and their offensive line played well.

Special teams almost don’t deserve to be talked about. Somehow freshman kicker Marshall Morgan has no problem with a 50 yard field goal but has a habit of missing extra points. There were basically no returns today and Gurley for some reason stepped out of bounds at the one fielding one kickoff…I believe that resulted in one of the short fields that UT scored on.

All things considered, this was the type of gut check game that past UGA teams would have lost, so I’m happy with the win. Hopefully the coaches will kick some ass in practice this week and the defense and special teams will play a lot better next week in Columbia. I’m already nervous and excited about playing the Shamecocks.

Saturday ramblings

Ugh. Well I thought I was going to get to enjoy seeing Georgia beat the crap out of Tennessee until the Dawgs decided to let the Vowels back in the game by making dumb mistake after dumb mistake. So it went from 27-10 Dawgs at the end of the first quarter to 30-30 at halftime. There better be some yelling going on in that locker room. I hate the Vols, from their horrible hunter/convict orange to them playing Rocky Top every time they gain two yards. They actually have a coonhound as their mascot ffs. Hopefully the Dawgs put them away in the second half.

Monday Ramblings

Well, it’s officially chilly in my house today, and I love it. I’ve got on my fleece pants, a long sleeve shirt, and warm socks. Of course in a couple of months I’ll be bitching about how it’s freezing all the time but for now I’m enjoying it starting to feel like fall.

Speaking of cold weather, another problem with living in the middle of nowhere is that my heating system, stove, and oven run off of propane. During the summer I basically go through next to none of it, but once winter comes around having the heat on burns through the stuff a lot faster. I have an underground tank that does have a gauge on it that tells you how much is left percentage wise, but I rarely get around to checking it. So generally when I notice it is empty is when I wake up and it’s 45 degrees in my house. And for some reason the propane company isn’t a fan of doing same day deliveries: they will, but they charge you like 75 bucks extra.

There’s been several times where it’s gone dry over a weekend or I’ve just decided to wait until the next day so as to not pay the extra fee. I can tell you with experience that a normal fireplace, even with a roaring fire, does NOT put out much heat. I’ve had to pull out my camping gear and sleep in the sleeping bag a couple of times. That’s another odd thing I’ve noticed: when it’s 45 or 50 degrees outside it will seem a bit chilly but not that bad, but when it’s the same temperature in your house you start expecting icicles to form on things.

It was a good sports weekend, Falcons beat the Chargers pretty badly yesterday, the New Orleans Aints lost again(sorry but they have some of the biggest asshole fans on the internet), UGA killed Vandy, and Georgia Tech choked away a game to Miami. Unfortunately Notre Dame beat an overrated Michigan team so they will now be in the top 10 I’m sure, and I was hoping Clemson would beat FSU so we didn’t have to hear how Florida State is finally back again.

The new WoW(World of Warcraft) expansion is coming out tomorrow and I’m sad and embarrassed to admit that I’m a bit excited about that. I’m probably going to buy it digitally so I don’t have to drive to a Walmart at midnight, though god knows how long the download will take. Yes, I’m a dork and proud to admit it.

Anyway, I’m off to find some dinner. Hope everyone is having a good night.