Friday night ramblings

Thank god the weekend is here. Another night of staying up too late and being tired as hell all day. I think I might sleep til 1 tomorrow. I went to the store tonight and bought tons of food, including a nice looking rack of ribs, so I’m going to fire up the smoker tomorrow. UGA game isn’t until tomorrow night which is cool with me, I enjoy night games really. It’s only Vanderbilt but at least it’s on a decent network(ESPN2) so I won’t have to stream it like last weekend.

I’ve been tired all day but now’s right around the time where I’ll probably start to feel wide awake. Planning on drinking a couple of beers tonight so we’ll see how that affects my level of tiredness. I went to the Redbox in town and was going to rent a couple of movies but there wasn’t shit that I wanted to see. I don’t get how I never go to the movies but always seem to see previews of stuff that looks good, but when I want to rent a movie there’s never anything out that I feel like watching.

I haven’t been able to find any books that I wanted to buy to listen to in the car this week so I’ve been re-listening to an old one that I highly recommend: “A Short History of Nearly Everything” by Bill Bryson. If you’ve never read anything by Bryson before I recommend several of his books, but particularly this one. It’s a mixture of popular science and the history of science. You’ll learn a bit about almost every branch of science: geology, physics, chemistry, biology, and the history of some of the literally crazy people that pioneered all these fields.

It’s interesting and actually pretty funny at times. It’s educational without being overly dense or at all boring and you’ll learn a lot of random stuff that you probably never thought about. For instance, the same chemist both came up the idea of putting lead into gas and invented CFCs. So one guy poisoned the atmosphere with lead for many years and also depleted the ozone layer. It’s full of colorful but actually real characters from the history of science. I’ve been accused by a friend of reading boring books because of my tendency to read history books, but this book is not at all boring and you don’t need to be a nerd like me to enjoy it.

Anyway, I’m going to sit down and relax for a bit but I might write something else later. And of course this weekend I’ll warn anyone that I will be focused on UGA and college football most of tomorrow. Hope everyone’s having a good Friday night so far.