My exciting Friday night!!

Well, as I said earlier, my dinner with a friend was called off, so I’ve been just having an amazingly exciting night. Went grocery shopping for the weekend so I can stay home and watch football all day tomorrow.

Got some decent looking steaks for one night…I wanted to roast some bone-in chicken breasts but couldn’t find any that weren’t tyson or perdue so I ended up buying a whole chicken and breaking it down. Not as easy as you’d think and pretty messy but I got it done. Definitely a different experience than pulling out the prepackaged boneless skinless breasts so many of us are used to.

I’ve been cooking some boiled peanuts all day too. If you’re not from the south you probably are wondering why someone would boil a perfectly good peanut when you could roast it, but I guess it’s like grits, something you just have to grow up with to understand. It’s been really hard to find the green, raw peanuts that you use to make them this summer. I think there was a bad harvest or something because Georgia grows a hell of a lot of peanuts and they are usually abundant and cheap.

After cleaning up all that stuff I’m just sitting down for a few mins, comtemplating a nice, hot bath.

Well, that’s kind of embarrasing, I misspelled deity in the title of one of my earlier posts and just now noticed it. I have a rather odd method of self editing: for the most part I just write whatever I’m thinking and hit publish. Then I’ll go back later and notice spelling or grammatical errors and correct them. I’m actually kind of a stickler for grammar and spelling so it’s odd that this is how I write.

Sadly or amusingly, depending on your point of view, I remember a girl I used to chat with ages ago that said she hated people with bad grammer: it wasn’t until she said something that pissed me off that I pointed out that she should probably learn to spell grammar properly before she judged others…obviously it didn’t go over too

I’m also trying to slightly regain my ability to write with something at least resembling proper structure. Years of texting, IMing, chatting, and emails have definitely given me some bad habits. I’m trying to rid myself of the overuse of “….” but it’s harder than I’d have thought. And sadly I don’t think that lol is ever going to completely go away.

I’m almost done with “The Kitchen House”. As I said it has perhaps a tiny bit too much romance in it for a big, strong man like me(not really), but it’s been pretty enjoyable. It is though one of those books where you spend half of it annoyed at the main character and how stupid or clueless they are, but that’s not always a bad thing. And as I had previously mentioned, as historical fiction it has some interesting portrayals and tidbits in it. I’d say it’s been worth the $6.95 I spent on it.

I really need to sit down and watch some tv tonight. I’m several episodes behind on Breaking Bad, one of my favorite shows, and I’m amazed I haven’t had something big spoiled for me yet. I think the only show I’ve really recommended on here was Homeland, but if you haven’t watched Breaking Bad I highly suggest you find the previous seasons on dvd somewhere cheap and watch them, it’s really a great show, and this is the final season of it.

Anyway, I think I’m off to take a bath. I might post some more later. I hope everyone has a great weekend, thanks for reading, and Go Dawgs!!



Alright, so I know in my tagline that I claimed I would be including music, movies, tv, and sports in my ramblings and I’ve yet to do so, so I think I’ll talk about my favorite show from last season that is starting its second season in September I believe: Homeland.

A bit of background on my tv watching habits so you can decide if my recommendation means anything to you or not: my favorite shows for the last year or so have been Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones. I also have to admit that I watched and enjoyed Downton Abbey but outside of those, most of my tv watching is netflix streaming of documentaries and such.

I didn’t catch Homeland on it’s first go round because even though I have Showtime, I missed the first few episodes before I heard about it and didn’t want to start part of the way through. Unfortunately Showtime hasn’t grasped the genius idea that is HBOgo where if you’re a subscriber you can stream every single one of their shows/movies to your heart’s content.

I don’t do torrents and such and Showtime’s website didn’t offer full episodes so I just tried to avoid having Homeland spoiled for me and figured I’d catch it when it came out on dvd because I’d heard great things about it. Finally one weekend Showtime decided to show the whole run and I dvred all the episodes and blew through them in a day or so..nothing like binge watching a great show.

So anyhow, Homeland is apparently based on an Israeli show. It stars Claire Danes, who I can never decide if I think is hot or not, as a CIA agent that gets a tip that an American POW in Iraq has been turned into a terrorist. Shortly after, a Marine Sergeant is discovered in a prison/hole in the ground and she suspects that it’s him..despite the fact that everyone else hails him as a returning hero.

There’s a lot of “that guy” actors in the show..with good performances from Danes and Damian Lewis who plays the Sergeant in question, and a nice role by Mandy Patinkin as Danes’ mentor/boss at the CIA.

The other twist in the show is that Claire Danes’ character is basically batshit crazy and is unable to see a shrink because it would cost her her CIA she cadges pills off her MD sister when she can.

I can’t really go into too much more detail without spoilers but as I’ve said, it’s my top show of the year in terms of suspense, twists, and just great acting jobs all around. So if you have the chance to pick up the first season on dvd, I highly recommend you do so before the second season starts next month.