Television and Mad Men

So, the season premiere of Mad Men happened Sunday night. I DVRed it and watched it later that night. We’ll get into my thoughts on it later, but I’m glad it’s back. First, let me explain my television viewing habits: I rarely if ever watch network tv, I watch a lot of the History, Discovery channels and all their offshoots. I usually don’t sit down planning to watch something; I just check my block of channels and can usually find something interesting to watch. I have at the moment 4 shows that I actually keep up with and will religiously watch: Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and Homeland. I’ve watched other shows like Dexter in the past, but those four are my go to shows. Now I realize that makes me a bit of a tv snob since at least the first two are critically acclaimed but not actually watched by nearly as many people as many other shows.

Anyway, Mad Men is back after a fairly long hiatus. It at one time was my favorite show on television and I’d still highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys intelligent, well written, and well shot tv shows. But I have to say, I was more than a bit underwhelmed by the two hour premiere. In the past there’s been many episodes of Mad Men or the other shows I’ve mentioned where the time flew by and I was sad when they ended. Sunday night I actually caught myself looking at the DVR to see how much longer was left. It still looks great, has some great characters, and had some good scenes, but nothing that reached out and grabbed me.

Of course the one thing about Mad Men is that it’s one of those shows that’s often paced a bit slow, and even more often takes a few episodes to really get going, which is why those with short attention spans often can’t get into it. So I’m not going to stop watching it, I just hope that the next episode grabs me.

As I was thinking about why I wasn’t that impressed with the first new episode of a show I love, I came up with two theories: one being that after it having been gone so long and in the interim and me watching shows like Homeland and Game of Thrones which are far less understated and more conventionally “exciting” that my palate wasn’t quite prepared for the pacing of Mad Men immediately. This could very likely be the case so I’m hoping that I’ll get back into the world of it by the next episode.

My other theory was that Matt Weiner, the creator/showrunner, has a bit fallen prey to what I call the “David Chase” syndrome. David Chase if you don’t know him, was the creator/showrunner of the Sopranos, arguably one of the best, most influential shows of the past 20 years. I loved and still love the Sopranos, but towards the later seasons, Chase had the reputation of getting a bit full of himself. His vision of his show was the interactions of a family plus the psychiatric stuff, with the fact that it was a Mafia family being somewhat secondary. He reportedly didn’t like the fact that fans of the show focused on the violence and organized crime parts of the show, or even that they rooted for Tony, a complete psychopath.

There would be episodes composed entirely of Tony having a dream and his issues with his dead mother, or him in a coma dream where he was just a salesman at a convention, where it almost seemed like Chase was thumbing his nose at the people who didn’t “get” his artistic view of the show. Then there was the famous ending of the show *spoiler alert* where the family was all together in a diner and all of a sudden the screen just went black, so suddenly that people actually thought their cable might have gone out. But no, his ending was just a fade to black with no resolution, and since then in interviews he’s hinted one way or another as to what happened almost playfully. Many fans and critics actually took this lack of resolution as his ultimate fuck you to the fans who glorified in the violence of the show but didn’t get “his” vision.

Now I don’t know a lot about Matt Weiner, other than watching every episode of his show, and hearing some about his negotiations with his network, AMC, but I kinda get the idea that he might be in the David Chase mold of showrunners. As in he has his vision of the show and where it’s going to go, and doesn’t really care what other people think. There’s definitely been some Tony Soprano dream-like episodes of Mad Men over the last few seasons, and I get the feeling that Weiner considers his show more art than entertainment at times. So while I generally love the show, there may be times where I just don’t get his vision for an episode here and there.

The first episode of this season was certainly well crafted, written, acted, and shot, and I can appreciate that, but I found it ultimately unsatisfying, even boring at times. As I’ve said, I don’t know if that was because I have gotten used to more action and suspense filled shows and need to ease back into Mad Men, or if I just didn’t get Weiner’s vision in this particular episode. I’ll certainly be watching next week and I’m sure the rest of the season, I just hope that it really grabs me at some point as all previous seasons have.


So I haven’t written on here in awhile. I’ve meant to but just been too busy with school and work and life. Having to write papers for this English class I’m taking kinda takes the fun out of writing for fun, but I felt like writing tonight. This post is basically going to go into how I’m kind of an unfeeling prick, yet a wuss sometimes too, and how certain random things can really come out of nowhere and hit you hard.

So I have a bit of a situation with my grandmother, she’s in her 90s and is my one remaining grandparent. I only bring this up because it’s part of the context; I won’t go into it further because it always kinda brings up uncomfortable sympathy and offers of help and basically makes everyone feel kinda weird and I tend to keep stuff like this private.

But anyhow, despite the fact that I have anxiety disorder and get down at times, I’m kinda one of those stoic type of guys. I can certainly get hurt and feel like shit sometimes but I very rarely cry or outwardly show emotion. I tend to keep things bottled up.  But the weirdest thing happened tonight: I was playing a game and had pandora on and lately my pandora station of choice has been a bit more mellow indie pop and bluegrass kinda thing. And this song comes on, it’s a female singer and is kinda chickish sounding but not that bad but I feel like I’ve heard it before, so I looked it up on youtube. It turns out it was played in the very last part of the finale of a show I didn’t really watch that much but happened to see the finale of: Six Feet Under.

This was a show that had 5 or 6 seasons on HBO and ended probably 4 or 5 years ago. I never really got into it because it was about a family that ran a funeral home and honestly was a bit too morbid for me, I don’t really like to think about that kinda stuff. But I watched it here and there and my mom and some other people had told me that the series finale was really good, so I watched it. Basically the last 10 minutes of it is one of the main characters driving off and interspersed with scenes of the futures of all of the characters, them getting married, kids, etc. But also every single one of them dying.

It’s pretty moving for a TV show, but it’s also pretty damn intense. Some of the characters die suddenly, some of very old age, they all usually see dead loved ones from their past…I don’t know. I just really affected me to be watching it tonight. I actually found myself crying for the first time in probably 5 years or more. A lot of it shouldn’t be sad because some of the characters live to be into their 90s but it just made me think about mortality, my own and that of others, in a strangely more intense way than I normally ever do. Part of it is probably what I alluded to earlier, but it’s just depressing as fuck to think that no matter what you do with your life you’re gonna die someday, often before you think you should.

Anyway, if you’ve never seen the clip it might be worth a watch because like I said it’s intense, so I’ll throw it on here I guess. I think I need to watch some comedy now or something.

You have to skip to about the 3 min mark to get to the start of the part I’m talking about.

Sooo glad it’s Friday

I don’t know why but this has seemed like a loooong week. I don’t have any big plans for this weekend but it can’t get here fast enough for me. I don’t even have a Georgia game to look forward to since they are playing another cupcake team: Florida Atlantic I think.

I’m not sure what my deal is today. I woke up really chipper and energized this morning. I’m NOT a morning person so this is rare. I was productive and got a lot done but now that it’s lunchtime I’m feeling drained. I feel like I drank a bunch of coffee and am now crashing from it but I didn’t have a drop. At least I got a lot done while I was in my productive phase; I don’t have too much more to do today.

I finished listening to that book “The Messenger” by Stephen Miller. The ending was slightly anticlimactic to me but overall it was a pretty entertaining book. As I had previously mentioned, the main character of the book is a young Iraqi woman that hates America and is there to kill millions of people so it definitely has an interesting concept and perspective. Not quite as good as the Tana French book I read before it but still a decent suspense novel.

I spent most of last night thinking my phone was dying because it refused to get a signal in my house, which really sucked. I have a rooted phone which is the android equivalent of jail breaking an iPhone, meaning you wipe the stock OS and replace it with a custom one, which of course voids your warranty. As mentioned in another post I’m just waiting until the new iPhone ships to get rid of this POS, so I was afraid it was going to die when I only need it for a few more weeks at most. Had to wipe the phone and restore everything which was a pain but it seems to be working fine today..knock on wood.

I thought of one more guilty pleasure tv show: Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations”. I think Bourdain’s kind of an asshole and the show can be a bit full of itself a lot of the time, but it can be pretty interesting when he’s visiting a cool place.

Anyway, back to work for a bit. I’ll try to post more later. Hope everyone’s having a good Friday and thanks for reading.

Late night commercial rant

As I’ve said before in several posts, including my last one, I’m a night owl and also a frequent sufferer of insomnia. So I watch a lot of tv late at night if I’m not reading or while I’m doing stuff on my ipad. The shows on late at night aren’t always that bad but the commercials are literally so bad that they both make me feel bad about myself for apparently being in their demographic by being up at this time and make me want to throw something.

Some of my personal “favorites” include the lawyers(scumbags) trolling for Mesothelioma victims and people who took various drugs where everyone knew the side effects but apparently that doesn’t mean you still can’t sue. I mean I’m a guy and yet I know that if you take birth control pills there’s an increased risk of blood clots or stroke, and I’ve known since I was a kid that if you take too much tylenol it can fuck up your liver, but apparently you can sue for these things now.

Then there’s the nice lady who wants to have your catheter supplies sent right to your house! Complete with testimonials about how great said catheters are from “real” customers.

Then there’s the Lipozene commercial. This is a “drug” for “warning: only people who want to lose serious body fat”, complete with testimonials from real satisfied customers and claims of a university double blind study. I’ve always thought that if I was such a bad actor that the best I could do for a job was to play a satisfied customer on a bullshit late night commercial for a sham product, I’d think maybe it was time to find another job because acting just isn’t working out.

I think it’s honestly the bad actors/spokespeople that annoy me more than anything else about these commercials, combined with the fact that there really must be people dumb enough to fall for them or they wouldn’t be on.

The last one I can think of right now that annoys the shit out of me is for the various companies that try to talk old people into getting $10,000 life insurance policies. These have some of the worst actors/plots of anything, ever.

Some woman checking her mail and another woman comes up and says she’s sorry her mom died, but the woman checking the mail isn’t too broken up about it because she just got the check from Liberty US American AARP Insurance company for that 10k policy her mom was smart enough to take out before she kicked the bucket. There’s even worse ones than that..they defy description.

Anyway, end of my rant for now. Feel free to chip in your own “favorites”.

Happy Monday Ramblings

Well, after a weekend of me doing nothing but watching football and laying around, and a busy day of work/school, it’s time for me to get back to writing the golden content that you’ve come to expect. I do apologize to anyone that hates or is indifferent towards football, but my weekends are mostly consumed by it during the season. The stuff I wrote Saturday night was probably a bit weak since I was involved in the game and drinking a few beers: though I’ll stand by my dissertations on why I love college football and why I love sports that I wrote earlier in the day.

Now that I’m huge in Australia, it’s time for me to start getting into the hard hitting subjects, such as what I’m going to have for dinner, which book I’m going to read next, and the other hotbutton issues of the day.

Quick rant: everyone already knows about my feelings on and ambivalence towards Facebook, but during political season it’s becoming quickly insufferable. I don’t EVER want to talk about politics on this blog because I find them depressing at best, and infuriating at worst. I don’t subscribe to any party because I’m smart enough to make up my own mind on issues; I don’t need to follow a pre-formed platform of views. I’m probably conservative on some things and liberal about others, so I can’t belong to either party because I don’t agree with either in a wholesale manner.

I’m also incredibly cynical about politics, particurally in America. I think presidential candidates are two sides of the same coin: they both take massive amounts of money from people that they are then beholden to, they both say they’ll do things that they won’t, and nothing ever really changes.

So anyway, back to Facebook: I don’t care which candidate you pull for. I don’t want to hear about it, don’t want to see links to such and such’s campaign or be prompted to like so and so. I just don’t care. I only keep Facebook to keep up with my friends’ lives that I’m not in regular contact with. Luckily I don’t have THAT many people on my Facebook so it’s not that common an occurence, but if I could ignore all politics until this election is done, I’d be fine with that. Sorry, /end rant.

It’s kinda funny to me that as a kid, the fall sucked because that’s when you had to go back to school, but now it’s my favorite time of the year. Obviously it’s beautiful up here when the leaves change, and I enjoy cooler temps over hot ones. But now it’s the start of the football season, when new shows come out and old ones come back; can’t wait for Homeland to come back later this month. There’s also a number of books coming out in the next month or two that I’m really looking forward to: particularly Justin Cronin’s followup to “The Passage” which I have previously mentioned was one of my favorite books of the last couple of years.

So it still feels like summer up here mostly, but I’m ready for the fall. Anyhow, enough ramblings for now. I need to find some dinner but will post more later. Thanks for reading and hope everyone has a great night.

Weekend thoughts

Well, at around 6 I finally got my lazy ass off the couch, went and got some food, and started a load of laundry. That’s really about all I accomplished this entire weekend and I’m cool with that. There’s something to be said for a weekend of doing nothing. I just ate good food, drank some good beer, and watched a lot of good football. My Dawgs won last night and my Falcons won today, with the added bonus that the New Orleans Saints, who have some of the most annoying fans on earth…lost.

So life is good even if I spent more time lying/sitting on a couch for the last 72 hours than anywhere else. The only negative is that I was too lazy to cook tonight so I drove to Zaxby’s to get food. There’s nothing wrong with Zaxby’s…if you don’t have it in your area it’s a chicken finger fast food place basically. As far as fast food goes it’s on the higher end, but it’s still greasy fast food…and I always seem to forget that while I might enjoy eating it, unless it’s 2am and I’m drunk, I’m going to feel shitty afterwards.

I don’t know if it’s a mental or physical thing for me. I would assume mental because I don’t think the large amounts of fats and transfats and who knows what else I just ate have already found their way into my bloodstream. I think it’s more the thought that I just ate a bunch of stuff that’s horrible for me that makes me feel like crap. Eating fast food just makes me feel lethargic these days.

It’s not like I’m eating a diet of egg whites, fish, and kale at home. I eat a fair amount of red meat, not enough vegetables though I try, and late at night I might cook some pretty unhealthy crap, but outside of the most processed foods, anything you cook at home is probably 10 times better for you than anything from a fast food place.

Anyway, enough whining about that. I’m trying to figure out what I should do with the rest of my night. I should do some schoolwork but why spoil my full weekend of indolence by doing something constructive?

I’m like three episodes behind on Breaking Bad now and I think I forgot to DVR one of them so I’ll probably have to buy it on itunes or something. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I’m probably one of the few people under 40 that actually buys stuff instead of looking for it on torrents or whatnot.

I used to use limewire and such to get free music but got sick of having to find a new program every few months when the last one got shut down, and taking the chance of getting malware on my computer, and because I figured I was just unlucky enough to be one of the 5 people out of millions that the recording industry used to take to court to make an example of every so often.

So it’s not for any real moral reasons but I buy all of the media I consume: partially out of laziness and partially out of it probably being the right thing to do. If I had anything worth selling I’d probably be pissed if people were stealing it.

I just wish that the media companies would wise the fuck up and not make it so difficult to get their product if you’re willing to pay for it. That’s why I love HBO, with the HBOgo thing you can watch any of their current movies and every single episode of every show they’ve ever made streaming whenever you want as long as you subscribe to HBO.

Some other companies, like Showtime for instance, make it next to impossible to watch their shows if you don’t DVR or catch them being broadcast, even if you’re willing to buy them. And I pay for Showtime. AMC is a bit in between in that you can’t watch missed episodes on their website but you can buy them on itunes…which is annoying but at least an option.

I just find it annoying how so many companies refuse to realize that their old model of doing things doesn’t work anymore. And with the big cable companies trying to get into the content war I’m sure it’s only gonna get more complicated and worse as it goes.

Anyway, enough rambling for now. Hope everyone has had a great weekend and thanks for reading.

My exciting Friday night!!

Well, as I said earlier, my dinner with a friend was called off, so I’ve been just having an amazingly exciting night. Went grocery shopping for the weekend so I can stay home and watch football all day tomorrow.

Got some decent looking steaks for one night…I wanted to roast some bone-in chicken breasts but couldn’t find any that weren’t tyson or perdue so I ended up buying a whole chicken and breaking it down. Not as easy as you’d think and pretty messy but I got it done. Definitely a different experience than pulling out the prepackaged boneless skinless breasts so many of us are used to.

I’ve been cooking some boiled peanuts all day too. If you’re not from the south you probably are wondering why someone would boil a perfectly good peanut when you could roast it, but I guess it’s like grits, something you just have to grow up with to understand. It’s been really hard to find the green, raw peanuts that you use to make them this summer. I think there was a bad harvest or something because Georgia grows a hell of a lot of peanuts and they are usually abundant and cheap.

After cleaning up all that stuff I’m just sitting down for a few mins, comtemplating a nice, hot bath.

Well, that’s kind of embarrasing, I misspelled deity in the title of one of my earlier posts and just now noticed it. I have a rather odd method of self editing: for the most part I just write whatever I’m thinking and hit publish. Then I’ll go back later and notice spelling or grammatical errors and correct them. I’m actually kind of a stickler for grammar and spelling so it’s odd that this is how I write.

Sadly or amusingly, depending on your point of view, I remember a girl I used to chat with ages ago that said she hated people with bad grammer: it wasn’t until she said something that pissed me off that I pointed out that she should probably learn to spell grammar properly before she judged others…obviously it didn’t go over too

I’m also trying to slightly regain my ability to write with something at least resembling proper structure. Years of texting, IMing, chatting, and emails have definitely given me some bad habits. I’m trying to rid myself of the overuse of “….” but it’s harder than I’d have thought. And sadly I don’t think that lol is ever going to completely go away.

I’m almost done with “The Kitchen House”. As I said it has perhaps a tiny bit too much romance in it for a big, strong man like me(not really), but it’s been pretty enjoyable. It is though one of those books where you spend half of it annoyed at the main character and how stupid or clueless they are, but that’s not always a bad thing. And as I had previously mentioned, as historical fiction it has some interesting portrayals and tidbits in it. I’d say it’s been worth the $6.95 I spent on it.

I really need to sit down and watch some tv tonight. I’m several episodes behind on Breaking Bad, one of my favorite shows, and I’m amazed I haven’t had something big spoiled for me yet. I think the only show I’ve really recommended on here was Homeland, but if you haven’t watched Breaking Bad I highly suggest you find the previous seasons on dvd somewhere cheap and watch them, it’s really a great show, and this is the final season of it.

Anyway, I think I’m off to take a bath. I might post some more later. I hope everyone has a great weekend, thanks for reading, and Go Dawgs!!


Alright, so I know in my tagline that I claimed I would be including music, movies, tv, and sports in my ramblings and I’ve yet to do so, so I think I’ll talk about my favorite show from last season that is starting its second season in September I believe: Homeland.

A bit of background on my tv watching habits so you can decide if my recommendation means anything to you or not: my favorite shows for the last year or so have been Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones. I also have to admit that I watched and enjoyed Downton Abbey but outside of those, most of my tv watching is netflix streaming of documentaries and such.

I didn’t catch Homeland on it’s first go round because even though I have Showtime, I missed the first few episodes before I heard about it and didn’t want to start part of the way through. Unfortunately Showtime hasn’t grasped the genius idea that is HBOgo where if you’re a subscriber you can stream every single one of their shows/movies to your heart’s content.

I don’t do torrents and such and Showtime’s website didn’t offer full episodes so I just tried to avoid having Homeland spoiled for me and figured I’d catch it when it came out on dvd because I’d heard great things about it. Finally one weekend Showtime decided to show the whole run and I dvred all the episodes and blew through them in a day or so..nothing like binge watching a great show.

So anyhow, Homeland is apparently based on an Israeli show. It stars Claire Danes, who I can never decide if I think is hot or not, as a CIA agent that gets a tip that an American POW in Iraq has been turned into a terrorist. Shortly after, a Marine Sergeant is discovered in a prison/hole in the ground and she suspects that it’s him..despite the fact that everyone else hails him as a returning hero.

There’s a lot of “that guy” actors in the show..with good performances from Danes and Damian Lewis who plays the Sergeant in question, and a nice role by Mandy Patinkin as Danes’ mentor/boss at the CIA.

The other twist in the show is that Claire Danes’ character is basically batshit crazy and is unable to see a shrink because it would cost her her CIA she cadges pills off her MD sister when she can.

I can’t really go into too much more detail without spoilers but as I’ve said, it’s my top show of the year in terms of suspense, twists, and just great acting jobs all around. So if you have the chance to pick up the first season on dvd, I highly recommend you do so before the second season starts next month.