Amazing date

So I finally met the really amazing woman Cari that I mentioned in my last post and that I’ve been talking to for a little bit over a month now. I was a nervous wreck all yesterday and ended up getting a haircut in Cleveland, TN on my way to Chattanooga because nowhere was open in Hicksville Fannin county. Luckily I made it on time and we went to Cari’s favorite restaurant and had a great meal. Meeting her in person was amazing and she was everything I had hoped for and more. I have to admit that I already had feelings for this special woman and getting to hold her in my arms and just to be in her presence had me with pretty much a permagrin. Lol. Once I got over my nervousness that is.

So we had dinner and then watched a movie at her place and I had an amazing time. Well worth the hour and a half drive each way. I don’t like to jinx things or get my hopes up because they have been dashed many a time, but I really like Cari. She makes me happy and wonder what she sees in an average guy like me. So wish me luck please.

Quick outs

Had a decent weekend in Atlanta. Got to see my buddy Collin and his wife Becky last night. We cooked steaks and watched football. Was great to see them.

Didn’t strictly follow my new dietary plan this weekend: had to get some PF Chang’s on Friday night and didn’t have my daily smoothie yesterday.

Still, my mom had a scale and I’ve lost like over ten lbs already between cutting out the beer and eating better.

My goal is to basically never eat fast food or junk food and cut out as many processed foods as I can. Who would have guessed I’d turn into a health nut?

Dawgs played a sloppy game on Saturday against a team they should have blown out. It was raining so that was probably part of it but if they want to beat LSU this coming weekend they better get some things shored up: particularly special teams.

Next to the last episode of Breaking Bad tonight. I’m dvring it right now to watch in a bit. It’s been an amazing final season.

Wings from McD’s. Yuck.

I hate the smarmy redhead bitch from the Wendy’s commercials.

If you’re a college football fan I highly recommend the book The System by Armen Keteyian and Jeff Benedict. I listened to the audiobook and honestly wasn’t bored for a single minute of the 15 hours or whatever it was. Goes into virtually every aspect of the sport and has some great stories and personalities. Shows both the good and bad sides of my favorite game.

I like the look and some of the new features of the new iOS that they just released with the new phones. Wasn’t sure at first but it’s growing on me

Nice of Facebook to finally not still show my ex on my chat list months after I blocked her.

Along those lines I need to find a new dating site. Had her damn profile pop up earlier on the one I’ve used for years. Of course she was going to be too upset and busy to look for someone new for a long time(sarcasm).

Well, I need to finish up some school stuff. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Morgan Freeman dead?(he’s not btw)

So that was odd, was just browsing the newsfeed on facebook and someone had posted a RIP Morgan Freeman page or something: saying he died at 5pm today eastern time. I was actually kind sad about that because I’ve enjoyed his work and thought it was odd that I hadn’t heard anything about it, so I went to a few news sites and didn’t see anything about it and finally googled it, and apparently I just got trolled…it’s a hoax.

Anyone else run across this one today?


One of the more fun things about living in the mountains/country is that I can walk outside on my front porch at night and see a bug where I not only don’t have a clue what it is…I don’t WANT to know what it is. That and the day I walked out my front door to see a 6 foot long blacksnake was sunning itself on my front porch.

Themes and Appearance

So I’ve been wondering if I should “jazz” up the site a little bit by messing around with themes and the appearance, but I think I honestly like the simplicity of it. If you’re reading this blog: would it make you more likely to read it if it were more eyecatching? Or does it not really matter at all? Feel free to let me know.

On an unrelated note, does anyone else who blogs on WordPress have a problem with the quick “New Post” button that’s always up on the upper right hand side? It’s the most convenient way to write something fast or post a link or vid, but about half the time the publish button goes gray on me before I can even finish a post and I end up having to cut and paste what I’ve written into the more substantial window off the dashboard to post it.


Things that make me weird and/or crazy

Feel free to join in with your own…it’s fun for the whole family.

If I’m dealing with anything with a digital reading or display…from tv or stereo volume controls to microwaving things…I always need even numbers. Even on my thermostat I don’t like it on an odd number..which can be annoying at times.

I love to cook but I’m very close to the world’s pickiest eater. For instance, I like the taste of onions but can’t stand the texture of them…same with mushrooms. I depise even the thought of mayo so many of the so-called summertime “salads” are persona non grata in my house.

I often get more angry at inanimate objects than I do at people/animals. Like if I stub my toe or run into something, it’s not because I’m a clumsy oaf, it’s because that thing was out to get me.

I’m not hugely superstitious but I knock on wood and cross my fingers constantly.


Facebook pt 2

Well, for all the shit I talk about Facebook, it can have its purposes now and then. Talked to a good old friend of mine that I hadn’t heard from in awhile and he got my number through messaging on Facebook, so I guess it’s not all bad.

I still think it’s often annoying and I don’t think that it’s the template for portraying how perfect your life is that some seem to, but I haven’t cancelled my account yet and it’s given me some referrals onto here…so I’ll just say I’m ambivalent.

Tana French: “In the Woods”

So I bought the audio version of Tana French’s novel “In the Woods” last week and am about 2/3 of the way through it and I have to say it’s great. It’s a few years old and I remember seeing it on some Amazon and other lists in the past but Itunes had one of their nice “Discover a new author for cheap” things going the other day and I got the 30 hour audiobook for 6 bucks.

Its set in Ireland, Dublin and the surrounding areas, and is a mystery/thriller kind of novel. It’s told from the point of view of a homidice detective that was the sole survivor of an incident that happened in his childhood where two of his friends disappeared and he was left covered in blood and remembering nothing about what happened to the current day.

Now there’s another child murder in the same little estate area outside of Dublin where he grew up and his friends dropped off the face of the earth, and he and his female partner catch the case by pure luck.

As I said, it’s set in Ireland, which to me as an American could just as well be England, though there are some interesting tidbits here and there about life in the Irish Free State. Lots of twists, good characters, and a lot of layers to it. I would definitely recommend if you like mysteries.