My video blog

Since I can’t stand hunting and pecking with one arm I have started video blogging on my YouTube channel. I’ve never done anything on camera so it’s a bit raw now and I will admit the first episode has some cussing in it but check it out if you’re bored or want to support the kid. Here’s a link to my second effort



I haven’t posted on here in ages. Of course having to hunt and peck because you only have one hand blows. I need to start trying at least because I’m going through a shitty time and need to vent in an enclave that doesn’t bug people who don’t give a shit like on Facebook. I’m just demoralized because my arm will seemingly never heal and I actually want to get married and have a kid but I think my Peter Pan syndrome has effed me.

I certainly sowed my oats but I think I missed my window to settle down and it makes me sad. I’ve certainly failed in most aspects of life thus far. Anyway. Time to suck it up and deal. I’ve actually got a few ideas to accomplish something with my life besides getting out of the mountains and back into school.