Sorry I haven’t posted for a bit. Haven’t been feeling that great though I’ve felt pretty good the last couple nights ;). Few thoughts:

World Cup: I’m sorry but soccer is just NOT that interesting. I’ll still watch but I napped most of the day bc I had it on.

Ready to see the spurs whip Lebron et al. again tomorrow night. I don’t even like the nba but one of my friends up here is a huge Heat fan so it basically means a party with the game as an excuse. The Spurs though are really a great team to watch the last couple of games.

Good boxing card on HBO though I’d prefer not to watch a replay of last week’s PPV before they get to the live fights tonight. Sigh.

Ready but sad for the Game of Thrones season finale tomorrow night. Been an amazing season. Of course I’ll be watching it on hbogo once I get home instead of live.