I’m back…sorta.

So to anyone that actually checks this blog now and then or follows it, I apologize for the last two posts of me majorly feeling sorry for myself and for not posting shit in ages. I was in a bad place but am in a much better one now. I’m just accepting the fact of being alone for a bit and not freaking out and getting with some girl that isn’t right for me at all just to have someone in my life. I don’t want to be alone but I’m also sick of ending up with women that have serious issues just to not be so. Now I’m not saying I’m the perfect guy with no issues but I’m not batshit crazy either.

Anyway, aside from that, I’m actually thinking about making a Tumblr page. I’ve had a lot of short things I wanted to write down lately but haven’t been worthy of a post on here. I’ve also not been in the mood for longform writing lately, so Tumblr seems a happy medium between this and Twitter which I have but refuse to use. If anyone is interested in reading random thoughts and lord knows what else from me I’ll post a link once I get the page set up.


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