Having a fun Friday night watching the Heat game with a couple buddies. Grilled some nice pork chops and steaks and chilling. Feeling good. I’ve been kinda sick the last couple of days so I haven’t posted much. Glad to just have a guys night. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Just sad that I didn’t head down to Tuscaloosa to see my girl Casey but time and finances have delayed that.

Happy Memorial Day

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I did my best to lend authenticity to my solo holiday weekend last night. Smoked some ribs, watched sports, drank beer etc.

Today I slept til like two and have been watching Hugh grant movies on one of my numerous pay channels I never watch. Though I am on beer three by 3 and I have a steak to cook tonight so I guess it’s not a total loss lol.

Holy shit, can I just take this summer off and have it be late august already?

I’m in severe sports withdrawal. I’m a fan of the Stanley Cup playoffs and have even been watching the NBA for fucks sake. But there’s not even a game from either of them on tonight.

If you asked me I’d say I’m a Braves fan from the early 90s but I just can’t watch baseball anymore. It’s too slow and there are too many games.

I just want football season to get here. See the Dawgs beat some tiger ass!! I might even watch the World Cup when it starts I’m so hard up.

Memorial Day

First off. I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. I’ve had veterans in my family from the Revolution til Vietnam. Even my pansy ass dad was in the service. So my true and sincere thanks to anyone who has served.

My problem with these three day weekend holidays is that I mostly spend them alone. I’m not a local here but my friends I’ve finally made here are transplants like me so they leave town on a weekend like this.

So I go from finally having a few friends up here to spending a holiday alone and seeing all the tourists and weekenders have a great time.

Oh well. It’s not like it will be the first holiday I’ve spent alone. But damn it Collin Lane, get those kids old enough to go camping(we used to go camping on a lake in NC on this weekend)!

Anyway. Be safe and have a great weekend and I love ya all.