Friday night

So it’s Friday night. Woohoo. You know your life sucks when you’re not really excited about the weekend. It could be any other day of the week for me. I don’t know anyone up here and all my friends are married and an hour and half away at least. I guess I don’t feel as bad if I sleep half the day tomorrow as opposed to a weekday but since it’s not football season I really don’t look forward to the weekends for much of anything.

Not to harp on my last post or sound like a pussy or I’m feeling sorry for myself, but I’m basically all alone right now. Probably more than at any point in my life. Guys don’t really text or talk regularly with each other and my only female friend had her phone stolen and can’t afford to get a new one yet. I miss having a female in my life just to talk to. I like getting texts and having someone of the female persuasion to talk to. Even just as a friend. It depresses the hell out of me that my phone could be silent all day. I’d just like someone in my life just that gives a shit, not even taking into account my needs as a guy.

I seem to have a combination of picking the wrong women and doing or saying the wrong things. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m pretty numb. I don’t really see myself opening myself up to another woman anytime soon, not that I have any prospects anyhow. The only feelings I can seem to feel are loneliness and sadness. I have for at least awhile given up on finding the right person for me, and I just turned 37 so that’s pretty fucking depressing. I miss having a female in my life, even if just as a friend.

Anyway, I guess that’s enough self pity and whining for now. Hope everyone has a good weekend.


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