Fun Night

So I guess it’s only fitting that to write this post I have to see the one below it. I’ll admit that I’m Comfortably Numb at the moment. Just not looking forward to the morning. See, I got dumped tonight. By someone that I met on the marriage/serious site eharmony. Wasn’t up to a relationship, or at least not with me.

Now I’ve dated a fair amount of women for my share, but I’ve never been dumped for caring about someone too much. I’ve fucked up relationships in the past by not being honest completely about my feelings and not talking enough. Now I’ve been dumped for pretty much the opposite, for being sad about not talking to my gf for a few days.

Lord knows I’ve got my problems with relationships but I was finally ready to settle down and maybe have kids, and I thought I’d found the person. Guess not.

After all this shit I think it might just come down to finding someone you find sexually attractive and that doesn’t drive you insane and having some kids. I used to believe in love and all that shit but like a kicked dog you can only take so much before you cower away. Fun stuff.