The Sweet Science

I’m reposting this because most people that read my blog probably haven’t read it, because I actually think it’s some of my better early writing, and to explain why I just dropped 60 bucks to buy the boxing PPV tonight and am majorly excited about it.

The Scott Vanity Project

So I’ve been wanting to write something about sports and since I’m a southern boy and college football is my favorite sport that would seem the natural one… but I’m gonna save that for another time and write about a sport that probably noone that reads this watches or gives a crap about: Boxing.

In a visceral, almost guilty way, I love boxing. I don’t give a crap about the Klitschkos and whoever they are currently beating up on…I like real boxing…the lower weight classes with latinos from every country and black kids from poor areas and even some armenians thrown in here and there for fun. Guys that are going in that ring both because they love it, and because if they lose their families might starve.

If I were anywhere near the level of a writer as him, I would love to write about boxing the way that Hemingway did about bullfighting, how…

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