I sadly have become desensitized to a lot of the violent shit that goes on these days, like the whackjob who shot up all the little kids in Connecticut, but for some reason this latest thing in Boston really pisses me off. I saw that they have photos of the douchebags now. I read part of Obama’s speech today and while I don’t always agree with him, he was right. He basically made fun of these two little bitches talking about how they were cowards that thought doing this made them important.

I don’t know if these guys are muslims, anti-government guys, or just pathetic losers. Well, no matter what their beliefs they are pathetic losers. I’m so sick of these douchebags in this country or wherever that decide their life/lives suck, and instead of looking in a fucking mirror and seeing that it’s their own damn fault, they take their shit out on innocent people.

So ya know what, whoever you are. You’re a couple of worthless pussies. You killed an 8 year old kid..that make you feel like big men? You injured and killed hundreds of innocent people…proud of yourselves? And you don’t have the balls to even admit what you did. If it were up to me, I’d tie your sorry bitch asses up, take you down to the rough part of South Boston, and put signs on you saying “Hey, we’re the pussies that killed an 8 year old kid”. Unfortunately you’ll probably get caught by the police or FBI and we’ll waste time and money putting your sorry asses in jail. At least you’ll probably get put in the general population and get the shit kicked out of you every day.

As and adjunct to my former rant, I’d like to say that in cases such as the psycho that shot up the Batman theater or these guys if we catch them or any other douches where there’s incontrovertible evidence that they did the crime, we shouldn’t waste time on a trial. These are mentally defective people that need to be removed from society. I’d vote that we toss them in a cell with some really fucked up criminals and tacitly let such prisoners know that we want them dead with maximum pain and they won’t be punished for it. Putting assholes like these on trial just give them what they want…attention.


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