Strange Experience

So I went grocery shopping today, then as I was coming out with my cart of food and such, and someone was driving by that kinda seemed like I might know them but honestly I don’t pay attention to that kinda stuff. So I go to my car and am transferring my stuff from the cart to the car and someone pulls up that I didn’t immediately recognize. Turns out it was my ex gf’s sister. This is the same girl that told me I was a horrible person when we were going thru the crazy break up that has been amply documented in past posts. The really odd part of it was that she was actually nice…said she saw me walking out of the store and wanted to say hi. It really kinda took me aback due to some of the horrible things she and I said to each other when she was texting me to tell me what an asshole I was.

I don’t know, it just seemed odd to me. I’ve been lucky enough not to actually run into my ex personally despite the fact that it’s a small town, but I certainly wouldn’t seek out or try to be nice to anyone in her family. I’d probably run the other direction. Like I said, just a weird experience.


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