Random observations and stuff I’ve noticed lately

First off, has anyone else noticed how literally every third commercial is for a freaking insurance company? Between Geico, State Farm, and Allstate….I’m literally being saturated with freaking insurance…and that doesn’t even take into account Flo and whatever company she’s shilling for. And we’re not talking at 3am, these companies are running adds during primetime and especially bigtime sporting events like the NCAA tourney. If these companies are making such profits that they can run so many freaking adds, then somehow they must be fleecing the fuck out of their customers near as I can tell despite the fact that they claim to be such great people who are just there to help.

I try not to get political on this blog because I think most if not all politicians from either side are equally corrupt, but one thing that pisses me off is how we supposedly have antitrust/anti monopoly laws in this country, yet almost everyone can relate to getting fucked by only having one(or two if they are very lucky) choices when it comes to tv/internet access. My only choice up here is shitty ATT dsl which sucks ass and doesn’t provide the speed that I pay for. For tv you can get satellite which I actually think is better than cable, but for internet, most of us are used to getting bent over and fucked by whichever company has the monopoly in our area. And yet, the government doesn’t seem to give a shit. Hmmm, I wonder why that is? Maybe because your comcasts and others are shelling out some really big money through their lobbyists in Washington?

I’m all for free enterprise and making as much cash as you can, but really, when our government and laws come down to who spends the most money and buys the most politicians, shit’s gone wrong. But what are the chances that the same politicians that take this money are going to pass laws to change things? Nil I think we know.

I remembered one more thing that’s pissed me off lately. Pandora is no longer truly free. I’m a huge Pandora fan and have been for years, I don’t mind the visual ads on every song, or the audio ones after a certain number of songs, or the fact that I couldn’t really choose which songs I listened to. But now they are complaining that they aren’t making enough money and are limiting your listening time per month on mobile devices…which is the only way I and I would guess most people listen to it. Granted I’ve been getting free internet radio for years and that’s cool, but don’t piss on me and tell me it’s raining by claiming that all of a sudden it’s too expensive to let me listen to your shit for “free” with constant ads and try to corral me into paying monthly to use your premium service. Frankly if I’m going to pay then I’d probably go with Spotify or some other service where I can actually choose which songs I want to listen to.

Well, I suppose that’s enough complaining for one evening, maybe I’ve just had my brain fried by watching like 24 hours of basketball over the last few days, and having to watch so freaking many of the same damn commercials and then having to wait for buffering when I want to watch a video on youtube.


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