Insomnia blows

Sooo, it’s like 5am and I’m supposed to be up in four hours or so…yet I’m wide fucking awake. I’m alone at my mom’s house in Atlanta and of course I have to be in Augusta by a certain time because heaven forbid if everything isnt planned out to the minute in her family. I think that’s basically why I’m awake because I always have trouble sleeping when I’m stressed about having to make a deadline on a trip.

I don’t know why the hell I’m wide awake because I’ve tried ambien, Valium, and even a drink or two and yet here I sit wide awake…and on top of it feel completely sober. If I had anywhere to go in Augusta where people would be awake when I got there I’d probably just say fuck it and go now..ill be more tired driving at 10 or 11 than I am now sadly. FML.

Well, guess Ill just lay here some more and get no sleep and leave early or fall asleep in like an hour and sleep through the 4 alarms I have set…should be fun either way. Happy early Christmas Eve.


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