Up too late..day before xmas eve

Well first off id like to wish anyone that reads this a Merry Christmas. I should be asleep because I need to be down in the ATL by noon tomorrow to make my mom happy. I swear I hate people that say they are stressed out by the holidays but I am merely because I have deadlines and even at 35 I still hate to have my mom pissed off at me.

Plus I’m supposed to be cooking a 100 dollar piece of beef tenderloin for xmas eve dinner tomorrow night to take to Augusta. I’m a good cook but that’s a bit of stress.

I’ve been drinking a bit of Gentleman Jack and Coke tonight to cut down on the stress tonight. Those of you that have known me for awhile know that that i didn’t drink for almost ten years…I’ve started again but trying to keep it more under control these days.

One thing I’ve always loved about drinking liquor is the arcane and old fashioned terms that everyone still uses but noone knows the meaning of. Like if you go to buy glasses for your house you’ll most likely buy what’s called a “double old fashioned” glass. Yet I don’t think anyone has order an “old fashion” in 100 years…yet alone a double. The taller glasses are known as “highball glasses” yet i don’t think anyone has ordered or even knows what a highball is since the 40’s or so. And if you buy the standard 750ml bottle of booze, it can also be called a fifth….I’m assuming that means a fifth off a gallon but I’m honestly not sure…and I don’t think most people are.

Anyway, I need to get packed up and to sleep soon so if i don’t post again before then: Merry Christmas to all.


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