Wednesday Ramblings

Man, I can’t believe how much work a freaking English 1102 class can be. For tonight I was supposed to write an essay, read a quarter of a book, read a short story, and take an online quiz before class. I thought I’d gotten it all done but apparently I missed a quiz that he told us to take at the beginning of class but fuck it. I just want to keep my B in this class as I shouldn’t have to be taking it anyhow since I passed all the required English classes at a good liberal arts school my first go round in college.

On the other hand, it DOES feel good to be back in school again even if some of the people in the class could literally be my kids. At least I’m not the oldest in there by a fair amount. Plus compared to the guy in my class that literally looks and acts like he could be in a mental ward or american al qaeda, I probably seem This guy means well I guess and apparently has a history of mental problems but damn is he fucking out there. He randomly tells chicks in the class that they are hot and freaks them out and he always asks the prof questions that have nothing at all to do with what we’re talking about.

But anyhow, I’m supposed to be going down to the ATL this weekend for some friends of mine’s kid’s birthday party, and for once I can actually say I’m doing something constructive again instead of being penciled in as the eternal slacker guy. Just ready to get into some classes that actually have shit to do with want I want to learn.

Anyhow, that’s it for tonight I suppose. My chest is feeling a bit better today so maybe I just somehow pulled a muscle or something…I still don’t know. And I’ve managed to get a negative person out of my life, so that’s always good. Night all.


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