Tuesday Ramblings

Well, I was going to write something last night because I’m trying to get back into the habit but I got pissed off because I kept trying to link to a song on youtube and for whatever reason the interface will not do it. For those of you that don’t use WordPress on a regular basis, the most consistent way to post something(meaning it won’t get lost or not post) is to go into the dashboard even though they put a nice little button called “New Post” up at the top of your blog presumably for quick posts of text, pics, videos, etc. The problem is that this nice little button, at least when trying to post videos for me, often doesn’t work, and then you’ve wasted your time and anything you’ve written about the video b/c it’s just gone. Either you’ll get done pasting in the url, fetching the video, and writing whatever you want to accompany it, and the publish button will be greyed out, or you’ll hit the publish button and nothing will happen. It’s quite annoying because it’s really by far the fastest and easiest way to post a video…when it works.

Anyway, enough bitching about that. It’s cold as hell here now. I’ve actually been looking forward to cooler weather and kind of like the winter, let alone fall, but when it’s cloudy, windy, AND cold it kinda sucks. It was supposed to snow here tonight but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. I’m still kinda like a kid when it comes to snow. I’ve lived in parts of the country in the past where it snowed all the time but having lived in Atlanta for the most important years of my life, I’m used to maybe a slight chance of snow once or twice a year.

And I still get excited for some reason. I actually like that since I’m further north and in the mountains it snows a bit more, or at least it did two years ago, last winter was really mild. It’s a lot more fun to look at the scenery covered with snow around here than the city, and I have a 4wd vehicle so I actually enjoy driving in it a bit. There’s not that many other people out and the ones that are aren’t dumbasses like in the city so it’s a lot safer. I find it fun other than the one time I drove back up here from Atlanta the day after xmas a few years ago during a bad snow storm where I wasn’t sure I was going to make it to my house.

But, doesn’t look like there’s gonna be any snow tonight…too bad really. After a few years of working from home so not really getting out of anything if there WAS snow, I have class tomorrow night so I wouldn’t mind a bit to snow to get out of it.

That brings me to another sad subject: being too old to give a crap about Halloween and not having any kids to get excited for them about it. We discussed in class about how we had it Halloween night and the younger people were all butthurt about it and I truly didn’t care..lol. Damn it made me feel old. I used to at least have a friend that up until 4 years or so had a Halloween party every year, but he moved to another city. So now I’m not planning on doing anything special on Halloween, though I haven’t decided if I might just skip this class for the first time because I’m sure half the people won’t be there.

Anyway, I’m gonna go find something to do. Hope everyone has a decent Halloween.


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