Weekend Ramblings

Was going to post more this weekend but 2 of my 3 sports teams pissed the bed so I wasn’t much in a writing mood. I used to be a huge Braves fan when I was younger but find baseball more and more boring as the years go by, but I decided I’d watch the one game wild card playoff(a horrible idea) they were playing in Friday night. Of course them being the Braves they lost. Not a huge deal since I’m not as big a fan these days but still annoyed that I invested the time and attention into something so fruitless and ultimately discouraging.

Then I watched college football all day Saturday leading up to the top 10 matchup at 7 of my team(UGA) and South Carolina in Columbia. As it turned out, all the excitement and anticipation I had all week and all Saturday were basically taken away in about 20 minutes. The entire UGA team and coaching staff basically took a huge dump on the field. They were down 21 points before the first quarter was over, and really didn’t even put up a fight the rest of the game. An utter embarrassment and I’ll spare the readers on here much more talk of it. I’ve been venting on a UGA blog last night and today about it so I’m luckily mostly vented out.

I was afraid after the events of the last two days that my third major team that I root for, the Atlanta Falcons, would wet the bed too today but luckily they managed to win and are 5-0 on the season. They didn’t win handily so I had to sweat this one out too and I’m not sure what I would have done had they lost as well. Yes, I take sports too seriously, but for me the highs are higher than the lows are low, though last night’s UGA atrocity tested that theory greatly.

So outside of all that I basically did nothing productive this weekend, I’ve got tons of reading and work and errands to do this week but hey, that’s life. I’m trying to get back into the habit of writing on here but it’s for some reason just not as easy as it was when I first started. I guess I had such a huge backlog of shit to get off my mind at first that it all came out in a flood. I still enjoy writing on here, I just haven’t had as many topic ideas lately and unless something interesting is going on, I don’t want to do the Rambling thing too often and bore people with how mundane my life really is. Being busy doesn’t help either.

Anyway, hope everyone has had a good weekend and I’ll post something tomorrow. Thanks for reading as always.


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