So I’ve obviously been half assing it on putting out new content lately…just a bad couple of weeks as previously stated, but I logged on tonight to post something about how I got suckered into baseball and the Braves again and how Lucy pulled the football away yet again. Then I checked the stats even though I figured they’d be about nil and saw that I was sitting right at 1000 views all time, which is kinda cool, even if the views have tailed off in direct relation to how much and how often I’ve written.

Of course I realize there’s plenty of folks with blogs that get 1000s of views per day, but for a guy that doesn’t really focus on anything in particular, it’s still cool to hit 1000. Makes me want to refocus and starting trying to write every day again. So anyway, thanks to those that have read the blog in the past and those who continue to…I’ll try to hold up my end better than I have been lately.


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