Somewhat back from a non intended hiatus

So obviously I’ve not been writing or posting much at all for the last week or two. I’ve not been sleeping well, not feeling well a lot of days, and just let myself get kind of overwhelmed with life in general. I guess I’ve been a bit depressed too, though I don’t normally get that way; anxiety is usually my problem.

I don’t really have any reason to be depressed: life is going pretty well right now…I think it’s just a combo of a lot of little things building up. Being busy with work/work and schoolwork, having shit go wrong with my house, definitely the not sleeping well part, and it being rainy and shitty outside a lot. I just haven’t had a lot to say.

The only times I’ve really been in a mood to write something have been the weekends when I’ve been consumed by football. I’m sure anyone that still bothers to check this blog loves my thoughts on Georgia football games, but…it is MY blog after all. I honestly think if I could have done things differently in life I might have wanted to be a sports writer as dumb as that sounds. That’s why I enjoy my Saturday game reports.

But anyway, I’m going to start writing again as I think I have a few things I’d like to write about. Probably won’t be anything earthshaking or personal but I’ve got some books and lists and stuff like that that I’d like to write about. So I’ll try to start out by posting once or twice a day most days, and maybe I can get back up to putting out enough to content to make this site working checking out again at some point.


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