Monday Ramblings

Well, it’s officially chilly in my house today, and I love it. I’ve got on my fleece pants, a long sleeve shirt, and warm socks. Of course in a couple of months I’ll be bitching about how it’s freezing all the time but for now I’m enjoying it starting to feel like fall.

Speaking of cold weather, another problem with living in the middle of nowhere is that my heating system, stove, and oven run off of propane. During the summer I basically go through next to none of it, but once winter comes around having the heat on burns through the stuff a lot faster. I have an underground tank that does have a gauge on it that tells you how much is left percentage wise, but I rarely get around to checking it. So generally when I notice it is empty is when I wake up and it’s 45 degrees in my house. And for some reason the propane company isn’t a fan of doing same day deliveries: they will, but they charge you like 75 bucks extra.

There’s been several times where it’s gone dry over a weekend or I’ve just decided to wait until the next day so as to not pay the extra fee. I can tell you with experience that a normal fireplace, even with a roaring fire, does NOT put out much heat. I’ve had to pull out my camping gear and sleep in the sleeping bag a couple of times. That’s another odd thing I’ve noticed: when it’s 45 or 50 degrees outside it will seem a bit chilly but not that bad, but when it’s the same temperature in your house you start expecting icicles to form on things.

It was a good sports weekend, Falcons beat the Chargers pretty badly yesterday, the New Orleans Aints lost again(sorry but they have some of the biggest asshole fans on the internet), UGA killed Vandy, and Georgia Tech choked away a game to Miami. Unfortunately Notre Dame beat an overrated Michigan team so they will now be in the top 10 I’m sure, and I was hoping Clemson would beat FSU so we didn’t have to hear how Florida State is finally back again.

The new WoW(World of Warcraft) expansion is coming out tomorrow and I’m sad and embarrassed to admit that I’m a bit excited about that. I’m probably going to buy it digitally so I don’t have to drive to a Walmart at midnight, though god knows how long the download will take. Yes, I’m a dork and proud to admit it.

Anyway, I’m off to find some dinner. Hope everyone is having a good night.


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