UGA/Vandy postgame thoughts

Well, I wasn’t so much worried about Georgia losing this game as much as I was expecting it to be a close game, but it certainly didn’t turn out that way: 48-3 was the final score. Granted Vanderbilt has always been somewhat the little sister of the SEC that they keep around to boost academic ratings, but Vandy had actually played South Carolina close earlier in the year, and there was some bad blood left over from last years’s game. Vandy has a second year coach that has a bit of an attitude in terms of making his team tougher, and after both sides accused each other of cheap shots in last year’s game that Georgia only won by 3 in the final minutes, Vandy’s head coach and Georgia’s defensive coordinator had to be separated at the end of the game.

With the bad blood on both sides from last year, I figured this might be a close game, but UGA just came out and methodically dissected Vandy. For only giving up three points, the Defense didn’t really have that many big plays, other than a couple of sacks by my man Jarvis Jones; they just held Vandy in check while the Offense pretty much did whatever they wanted. Aaron Murray hit his first 12 passes in a row and the two freshman running backs ran wild. I renew my mancrush on Todd Gurley, but Keith Marshall isn’t too far from making it onto that list, he continued to show flashes. Gurley just looks like a man amongst boys and almost never has a negative play. Gurley went over 100 again and both him and Marshall ended up with a pair of TDs apiece. As a UGA fan, it’s pretty freaking exciting to know that these two are just freshman and will presumably only get better.

Kudos to the offensive line as well, they made some nice holes for the running backs and I think Murray was only touched once or twice at the most. Receiver wise: Marlon Brown had a nice game, Tavarres King caught a TD and had a few other nice catches, and Murray continued to get pretty much everyone involved. He even managed to hit Gurley in stride on a pass out of the backfield for a change for a nice gain.

For the second week in a row the fourth quarter was basically just all backups, though Grantham seemed to keep a lot of the first team defenders in a bit longer, maybe to make a point after last year’s fracas.

I’m not really sure there’s a whole lot to take from this game other than that the offense looks great against mediocre to bad defenses and that instead of playing down to the competition and letting an amped team stick around like last year, this time the Dawgs just stepped on Vandy’s throats early and ended any hope that they had. I liked the killer instinct tonight and I hope it doesn’t disappear against the better teams coming up.

Tennessee is coming to Athens next week, and while they are a bit one dimensional on offense and Georgia SHOULD beat them, I’m old enough to remember the Vowels beating up on UGA on a regular basis in the past and then continuing to steal a few games they shouldn’t from the Dawgs over the last 10 years or so. I’ll never take a game against Tennessee or Florida for granted in the slightest.


One thought on “UGA/Vandy postgame thoughts

  1. It might be a little early to say this since Bama still has LSU and GA still has South Carolina… but I think it’s going to come down to Bama and GA for the championship. Keeping my fingers crossed

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