No, I’m not talking about the fake ham pork product, which I’ve never actually eaten. I’m talking about the email kind. I still use yahoo mail as my main personal email account even though I had to set up a gmail one when I got my phone. I actually mark stuff as spam, yet I still have massive amounts get through the supposed filter. I don’t ever bother to click on them and read them but since I run yahoo messenger at most times, I get a little popup every time I get new mail, with the sender’s name and either the subject or the first line of the email. So I get the gist of most of them.

I have two thoughts on the subject of spam email: first that there really must be a lot of people dumb enough to fall for it or the spammers wouldn’t bother. Second, I understand that most of these people/companies/whatever are based in other countries where english probably isn’t the first language, but couldn’t they hire someone with at least a 6th grade or so grasp of the english language to write their spam for them?

Obviously I’m fairly savvy when it comes to knowing not to click on things, but even if I wasn’t, I’d think that sentences like “Now you meet can many nice woman” would be enough to keep me from falling for any of them even if I were a moron. As I said, apparently they must get enough people falling for/clicking on their stuff to make it worth their time, but imagine how much more effective they could be if they hired someone that had even a slight grasp of english to craft their stuff.

Anyway, rant over.


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