In Class..I’m still alive

So I got my stupid poetry analysis/annotated bibliography project done this afternoon…nothing like waiting til the last minute right? I’m not sure at all how good a job I did, but I just got to the fuck it point. I’m not one of those perfectionists that will keep at something until it’s perfect unless it interests me; this poem did not. I just finally said fuck it, I’m getting it done and turning it in and if I get a shitty grade then I’ll make it up later.

Now I’m sitting in class listening to other people present their poems, which is slightly more fun than watching paint dry but not by much. Just ready to get home and relax. I’m planning to start writing a lot more regularly again now that I am done with this project…I realize I’ve been slacking off lately.

Anyhow, I’d better sign off here before I get in some sort of trouble. Hope everyone is having a good night.


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