Tuesday Procrastinations

Out of all the bad habits I have, and there are many, I think the worst is my ability, almost compulsion, to leave things til the last minute. I have an English paper due tomorrow at 6pm that I’ve known about for like 3 weeks and I was planning on working on today, and I’ve yet to start on it. I can always seem to find something else that needs to be done first. Which is why I’m writing a blog post instead of doing it.

It’s not really something that will probably take me all night luckily. It’s just an analysis of a poem that I can’t stand: the previously mentioned “Kubla Khan” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, some sort of opium indused piece of rubbish. I actually like this English professor but this assignment is just annoying. We’re supposed to write him a letter in which we answer various questions about our poem, citing at least 6 sources, and then we have to do an annotated bibliography, which means we can’t just list the sources but must summarize each of them.

Oh well, enough bitching about that. I’ve had a fairly productive day otherwise. Now off to get this crap done so I can stop worrying about it. Hope everyone has a great night and I’ll try to write more later assuming I get this done.


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