UGA/FAU game final thoughts

Second half turned into the blowout it should have been all along. The backups got in early the in 4th once it was way out of reach.

Running backs looked good, granted against a bad team. As I said before, we finally saw some flashes of why Keith Marshall was so highly regarded. He had some nice runs and got over 100 yards but looked like he got a bit dinged up in the 3rd quarter and I didn’t see him after that.

I continue to proclaim my mancrush on Todd Gurley. He just doesn’t seem to have many negative runs and he continues to impress me with his speed in the open field. Had another long TD run where he was outrunning guys.

Malcome had a few nice carries too, particularly in mop up time.

Murray had a great game minus one ill advised pick in the 3rd quarter. He was barely pressured tonight. Threw some nice balls though…and we finally saw a tight end get involved in the action. He STILL can’t seem to put the right touch on that pass to the RB out of the backfield. Lemay played most of the 4th quarter got his first TD on a sneak and threw a pick 6.

WR wise, Bennett had a nice bounceback from his drops last week including the long TD catch from Murray. Murray did a good job of spreading the ball around tonight. Marlon Brown, Conley, TK…etc all got in on the action. Lynch(TE) had some nice catches and got himself a TD.

I’m not sure why they have Damian Swann returning punts. I haven’t seen him come close to breaking one and he had a muff he was able to fall on tonight.

Defense looked like crap in the first half as previously mentioned. Jarvis Jones was apparently being held out to let his groin heal up for next week. There were a lot of long runs and receivers running free in the first half and the game was actually tied at 14 all at one point. Grantham must have yelled a lot in the locker room at halftime as they locked it down in the second half. Herrera had a nice pick 6. There were a lot of young guys playing that I noticed…Josh Dawson and Jordan Jenkins were two I saw.

Anyway, the game turned into the blowout we expected in the second half but if this team keeps coming out flat in the first half, it’s gonna bite them against the better teams on the schedule.


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