Late night commercial rant

As I’ve said before in several posts, including my last one, I’m a night owl and also a frequent sufferer of insomnia. So I watch a lot of tv late at night if I’m not reading or while I’m doing stuff on my ipad. The shows on late at night aren’t always that bad but the commercials are literally so bad that they both make me feel bad about myself for apparently being in their demographic by being up at this time and make me want to throw something.

Some of my personal “favorites” include the lawyers(scumbags) trolling for Mesothelioma victims and people who took various drugs where everyone knew the side effects but apparently that doesn’t mean you still can’t sue. I mean I’m a guy and yet I know that if you take birth control pills there’s an increased risk of blood clots or stroke, and I’ve known since I was a kid that if you take too much tylenol it can fuck up your liver, but apparently you can sue for these things now.

Then there’s the nice lady who wants to have your catheter supplies sent right to your house! Complete with testimonials about how great said catheters are from “real” customers.

Then there’s the Lipozene commercial. This is a “drug” for “warning: only people who want to lose serious body fat”, complete with testimonials from real satisfied customers and claims of a university double blind study. I’ve always thought that if I was such a bad actor that the best I could do for a job was to play a satisfied customer on a bullshit late night commercial for a sham product, I’d think maybe it was time to find another job because acting just isn’t working out.

I think it’s honestly the bad actors/spokespeople that annoy me more than anything else about these commercials, combined with the fact that there really must be people dumb enough to fall for them or they wouldn’t be on.

The last one I can think of right now that annoys the shit out of me is for the various companies that try to talk old people into getting $10,000 life insurance policies. These have some of the worst actors/plots of anything, ever.

Some woman checking her mail and another woman comes up and says she’s sorry her mom died, but the woman checking the mail isn’t too broken up about it because she just got the check from Liberty US American AARP Insurance company for that 10k policy her mom was smart enough to take out before she kicked the bucket. There’s even worse ones than that..they defy description.

Anyway, end of my rant for now. Feel free to chip in your own “favorites”.


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