Fun morning so far

Well, I was planning on sleeping in until about 9 today because I didn’t have a ton of work to do, but of course as my luck always runs, I hear the beep beep of a truck backing up outside my house at 7:45. I look out my front window a few mins later and see a backhoe digging a nice size trench in the road right in front of my house. I went outside to ask the guys what was going and apparently they are going to dig up the whole edge of the road to put in a water line and meter to my asshole neighbor’s house. This is the guy that always brags about how he doesn’t have to deal with the city water because he has a well. Guess he changed his mind..I promise I didn’t poison his well or anything…lol.

I live on a dirt/gravel road that is already in shitty condition so I hate to see what it looks like when these guys are done with it, and I’m praying they don’t cut my internet line or something by accident. Oh well, shit happens. It’s just annoying that even though I live out in the country, between the house construction that’s been going on down the road from me all summer and stuff like this, it’s not nearly as quiet and peaceful as you would think it would be. On the bright side since I’ve been up I’ve at least been productive. Also pulled out my coffee machine for the first time in awhile and have had a couple of lattes already, so I’ll probably be wired for a bit.

My dog might be the worst watchdog ever. I love her but with all this racket going on she hasn’t paid it a lick of attention, yet if someone knocks on a door or rings the doorbell on TV she’ll bark up a storm.

I’m feeling productive today. I have some schoolwork to finish before tonight in addition to regular work, but I’ll try to write some more on here today. I’ve been slacking off lately just out of being tired and busy, and some of the stuff I’ve written lately has been crap in my opinion. I haven’t been getting as many views as I’d gotten used to, and while I will keep writing even if noone is reading, it is gratifying to know that some people are.

Anyway, off to take the first of 5 take home quizzes I need to finish before class tonight, so I will talk to y’all later and hope everyone has a great day.


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