Thoughts on rap/r&b

Alright, so I’m 35 years old and white, so I probably shouldn’t be listening to all that much rap/r&b, and really didn’t for years. Then I dated a younger woman for awhile and that’s pretty much what she listened to and she always had the tv on the sirious top 40 station or whatever. So I got exposed to it almost by osmosis, and would find myself singing some song at a random time.

Now I by no means think all rap/r&b is bad, and in my younger days when I wasn’t listening to jam bands while stoned I would listen to Snoop, Dr. Dre, Outkast..etc. Then while in college and going to parties with DJs I was usually exposed to whatever was popular at that time. But after college and once radio pretty much died in Atlanta and especially after I moved up here I became quickly out of the loop.

So once I was somewhat re-exposed to rap/r&b/pop, I realized I liked some of it for a change of pace or when in a certain kind of mood. I think I previously admitted that I actually have a liking for Lil Wayne, and I like some other random artists like TI, BoB, or Eminem and just random tracks by whomever. I’d probably never purchase any of their stuff but I set up a Pandora station for rap when I was in the mood.

Which brings me to the reason I’m writing this post. I guess because I have liked some Lil Wayne songs on Pandora, it keeps trying to slip Drake into my rotation. Now I know Drake is Wayne’s boy and is popular and all that shit…but he annoys the living fuck out of me. I realize that 90% of rap is talking about how much money you have and how many women you get, but it seems like with Drake that’s basically 100%, he doesn’t even do it in interesting ways, and it comes off even more as bragging than with most guys.

Lyrics like “I know G5 pilots on a first name basis” make me want to throw something. I already knew I didn’t like this guy before I knew anything about him, but finding out from some article that he was a child star on some Canadian teen show and that he grew up decidely upper middle class at worst in some Canadian suburb, just makes him seem like a complete construct to me. I’m not saying you have to come from the hood or a shitty background to be a rapper, but it at least makes your bragging about your money and your chicks a bit more understandable and less cloying.

Now I guess Drake could be a prince of a guy, and maybe he’s an ok rapper, but to me he seems about as fake as a boy band. Most of his songs he can’t even carry by himself near as I can tell, and seriously man, if you’re gonna brag about how great you are 24/7, find some at least mildly interesting ways to do it.

Anyway, that’s my old man who doesn’t know shit about rap opinion on Drake..maybe I’m wrong, but I’ll continue to hit dislike on Pandora until they stop trying to push his crap on me, and I sure as hell won’t be helping to give him more money to brag about.


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