Tuesday rants and raves

Start off with a rant: When did automatic dishwashers stop actually drying dishes? I’m sure it’s some kind of energy saving thing and I’ve tried using different detergents and even rinsing aids, whatever the fuck that is, and even though the little light on the dishwasher says it’s finishing with the dry cycle, my dishes are not dry. Now maybe I just have a shitty dishwasher but I seem to have noticed the same thing at my mom’s house. Between the loading it, the cycle running 2 hours, and then having to dry half the shit when I empty it, not sure how much of a “labor saving” device this really is…

Rave: my previously mentioned mancrush UGA freshman running back Todd Gurley has been named the starter(yes, I know noone but me cares but it’s my blog damnit!!).

Rant: People that work in a position where dealing with customers is the major part of their job yet use what I call the “1000 yard stare”, meaning they pretend not to see you when you’re standing in their line of vision when you need something from them, usually because they are too busy talking to their friends or doing something else they aren’t getting paid for.

This can be waiters/waitresses, people in retail stores, really any position where you have to deal with the public. I’m all for slacking off on the job when noone’s around but when I’m standing at your window, sitting at your table, etc..I shouldn’t have to pull out a red flag and wave it in the air to get your attention.

Early rave: I started listening to a new audiobook yesterday and am liking it so far. It’s called “The Messenger” by Stephen Miller. I’m not really sure where I found it, I browse Amazon and a lot of other sites looking for new books, but the premise sounded pretty interesting to me so I bought it in audio form. The basic story is a young Iraqi woman has been exposed to and had her hair and clothing and even skin exposed to a weaponized form of super smallpox, and then hopped on a flight to NYC.

The point of view alternates between her and a former US bioweapons scientist who was disgraced during the anthrax attacks after 9/11, and who’s now been brought back to help the government find her and others sent with basically the same mission. So far, it’s pretty interesting, especially the woman’s thoughts on America and her sometimes conflicted thoughts on what she’s doing. I’ll write a more informed opinion on whether nor not it’s worth a look once I’ve finished it.

I’ll finish off with an extra rave, of a sort. A friend of mine chided me a bit about my post last night about how I’m not a big fan of politics and how people shouldn’t post political stuff on Facebook or other social media sites. I don’t really disagree with what I said, and I’m still very cynical when it comes to American politics, but talking to someone with the passion to still believe that things can change and that it’s better to participate than just throw your hands up made me think at least. And on today of all days, I will say that no matter my reservations about our political system and my cynicism, I can’t think of a better system and I certainly consider myself lucky and proud to be an American.

PS. a last rant directed towards myself. I had written this whole post and read it a couple of times looking for mistakes before I realized that I had put Monday in the title rather than Tuesday. I guess it’s been that kinda day so far.


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