Life’s little pleasures

I guess I’m in the mood today to write a good bit about nothing, but maybe I’m in a bit more comtemplative mood because of the date. I was thinking about the small, often mundane pleasures in life that I take for granted. This list will be very random, and personal to me, but feel free to add any of yours in the comments.

Waking up on a cold morning under a warm comforter. I sleep with a light down comforter pretty much year round, which sometimes leads to high energy bills and waking up sweating in the summers, but I love that feeling of it being cold in the room but I’m all warm and cuddled up in my comforter.

This one’s gonna out me as a former wannabe hippie, but while I’ve sworn off the long hair, jam bands, and smoking pot, I still love my Birkenstock clogs. They are probably ugly as hell, but if you’ve never owned a pair for years you can’t understand how good it can feel to slip off whatever shoes you’ve had on all day and slip into their molded to your foot goodness.

This one is random and obviously only guys can truly understand, but being able to pee off your back deck or wherever you happen to be, is an underrated pleasure.

Checking your daily podcast feed and seeing that one of your favorite ones has a really good guest on.

Forgetting to turn off your alarm on a weekend and having it go off and realizing after a moment that you don’t have to get up, and going back to sleep for hours.

Ramdomly finding something that you’ve been wanting to watch for awhile pop up on Netflix or HBOGO.

Hearing or reading something so funny that you not only laugh your ass off at the time, but you think about it later in the day at some random moment or place and have to keep yourself from cracking up.

This happened to me a couple of weekends ago: finding out that your team’s game which you didn’t think was on tv..actually was being televised.

After reading this, I do realize how boring and possibly sad my life is, but at least I enjoy And one more self serving one: being able to get things off your mind by writing them on a blog.


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