So part of the reason I haven’t written much in the last couple of days is that I haven’t been sleeping well and have been tired most of the time. Luckily I got my Ambien refilled today, so I’m planning to get some serious sleep tonight.

I’ve had insomnia for years, been to lots of different doctors, had all sorts of well meaning suggestions that never worked: valerian, melatonin, benadryl, tylenol pm, nyquil…none really work for me. I have one of those minds that just won’t shut down when I lay down, as you might have already guessed from some of my random writings and hours. Once I go to sleep, I sleep like a rock, it’s the getting to sleep that’s a bitch.

So frankly, finding a doctor that would just prescribe me Ambien, and not tell me the incredibly bright ideas of watching how late in the day I drink caffeine(I rarely drink it period), trying herbal remedies and antihistamines(don’t work for me), was quite nice.

I swear I don’t work for whatever pharmaceutical company makes it, but just being able to take a pill and go to sleep is amazing to me.

The one odd thing about Ambien though is that I never really know quite how it’s going to affect me. It says to take on an empty stomach which I sometimes do and sometimes don’t, so I’m not sure if that has something to do with it. And it can lead to some odd behaviors on the nights when it hits me harder than others.

I’ve luckily never had one of those experiences where I tried to drive somewhere or do something dangerous, but I have done some odd things. Sometimes it gives me the munchies and there’s been nights where I’ve found myself cleaning for no apparent reason.

One night a few weeks ago I apparently decided it was a good idea to scrub and then reseason my cast iron skillet: which involves rubbing it down with oil or crisco and putting it in an oven on low for a hour or two. Luckily there were no burns involved but I woke up the next morning with my house smelling like I had fried chicken the night before. I also have lost things before because I put them somewhere and then completely couldn’t remember doing so the next morning.

One day I spent two freaking hours looking for my ipod and thought it must have been swallowed by my couch and was pricing new ones when for some reason I happened to lift up the blanket on my dog’s bed and it was in her bed…not sure how that happened at

I don’t get how people say they can take an ambien on a long flight to sleep. I’d be afraid I’d find myself reorganizing the flight attendant’s cart or annoying the crap out of whoever is sitting next to me.

All that being said, insomnia basically sucks and I’ll trade a few oddities here and there to be able to sleep.


One thought on “Sleep

  1. Ambien just shuts my body down…and I feel trapped. Like idk? I imagine like those people that are partially awake during surgery or whatever…can feel shit, hear shit..but can’t move?

    I keep trying the occasionally and it’s always the same. Any sleep aid basically doesn’t do much for me, which sucks. Sleep would be nice.

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