Iphone vs. Android

My upgrade is FINALLY coming up this month, just in time for the new iphone supposedly, and I’m thinking that I might break down and get the iphone this time. I currently have a shitty Samsung Android phone that I got 2 years ago and was really my first smartphone, I loved it when I got it, hate it now.

Now when it comes to buying cellphones, I’ll mention that I made a huge mistake that noone should make: never get the midpriced phones. Either get a cheap one if you don’t need all the latest gadgets or save up and get the top of the line one. The midpriced ones are always a compromise that will catch up with you pretty quickly when it comes to a constantly evolving operating system and overall market of technology.

That’s my main problem with Android phones, it’s like buying a PC or laptop, you can get a pretty sweet one and then six months later it will be practically obselete…and with a phone you can’t upgrade the internal hardware. And since Android doesn’t directly send out their new builds but leaves it up to the carrier, you’ll probably never have the newest version if you have certain companies. And if you bought the midpriced mediocre Android phone like I did, after a certain amount of time your hardware won’t be able to handle the newest version anyhow.

Obviously Apple comes out with new versions of their products and they eventually go obselete as well. But they do it at a fairly predictable rate, and you will always get the newest version of software when it comes out.

By the way, I’m far from an apple fanboy. I currently own an ipad2 and an ipod touch, but my main computer is a PC. I thought the ipad was a dumb idea when it first came out but I have to say I love mine since I got it. Of course I was a dumbass and bought it at christmas and they came out with the 3 a few months later, but shit happens…had I been patient I’m sure I could have done my research and waited.

My main problem with Android is that I know for about the same price I can get an iphone 5 or whatever the newest Samsung Galaxy phone is, yet I know in 4 or 5 months Samsung or whatever company will have a new phone out that blows it out of the water for specs and hardware, and after a year or so I’ll be a couple versions behind on Android thanks to shitty Sprint. And since my phone will be obselete and also less people will have it, it will be hard to find any accessories for it. That’s the boat I’m currently in.

So, despite the fact that I actually like the idea of having an Android phone because you can do a bit more with it if you know what you’re doing, and because not everyone has one, I think I’m just bowing to the inevitable and going to the darkside and getting the iphone. It might not have as fast hardware and specs as the newest Samsung or whatever, but neither will that one in six months, and I think I’ll regret the purchase less as it will be a bit before they come out with the iphone 5S or whatever.

If I were rich enough to buy a new phone at full price every six months, I’m pretty sure I’d stick with the top of the line Android, but since I’m gonna be keeping my phone for two years, I just think I’ll have a lot less envy and buyer’s remorse with the iphone.


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