Thanks for the views

So I was checking out my stats just now. As I have previously admitted, I try to not care how many views I get and all that stuff, but it is interesting and sometimes gratifying to see. I didn’t get many views today because I mostly sat on my ass and didn’t write anything, but according to the neat stats page, I apparently had my first international readers today, from Canada and Australia, which is kinda cool.

I don’t know how they found my blog, and if they read it they may very well never come back again since I spent the weekend talking about college football and me being lazy. But regardless, it’s interesting and thanks for reading whomever you Canadians or Aussies may be: I’ll try to mix in a little bit more hockey and vegemite talk to keep ya coming back…I kid.

And to everyone else that reads this of course, thanks as always, I do appreciate it. I’ll try to find some more interesting things to write about this week and will keep the football talk confined to the weekends.


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