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Less than an hour til gametime now. I’m getting nervous and excited. I know some people that don’t follow sports can’t understand how you can actually be nervous over a game where a bunch of people who don’t know you are playing, but honestly, I think they are missing out.

I love reading a good book, and love watching a great tv show or movie. It can give you a bit of a rush, sometimes a big one or real emotions, but to me nothing can really give a rush like watching a game where you let yourself be emotionally invested…that’s the key. Letting yourself become emotionally invested in something that doesn’t directly affect your life. If you’re a fan of opera, art, or ballet, I’d assume that you’d enjoy it much less if you didn’t become invested in it, if you said, “eh, why should I care about what some guy 200 years ago painted, it doesn’t affect MY life?”

If your hobby is birdwatching or photography, I’d assume you’d be emotionally invested in either hobby or why would you do them? But unless you make your living from photos, chances are they don’t directly impact your life.

I realize these are by nature imperfect analogies, but my point is that those of us who are into sports, treat it like whatever hobby or interest you may have in your life. And in the same way that you can talk about art or birdwatching or whatever you’re into with fellow enthusiasts, us sports fan also have the social aspect and connection of a shared interest to talk about with others. And that doesn’t even take into account the shared experience of watching a game with others.

Anyway, enough waxing poetic about stuff. I want the damn game to start. I want to see some guys running into each other with ill intentions, a wide receiver making an amazing catch or outrunning everyone else, or a running back juking someone out of their shoes. Hopefully all of these positive things will happen on the side of the good guys(Georgia), but part of the glory of sports is right now I don’t have a freaking clue how things will go..hence the nervousness and the anticipation.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and Go Dawgs!!


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