Thank Random Deity It’s Friday!

Well, my day is mostly done, just finishing up a few odds and ends and then my weekend officially starts. I had originally had plans for dinner with a friend for tonight but those fell through at the last minute, so looks like I am back to my original plan of doing absolutely nothing but watching football, catching up on my DVRed shows, and maybe watching a movie or two. Depending on where you’re sitting, that could sound kinda sad since most likely this will all be done alone, or pretty damn good. I fall on the side that it sounds pretty damn good.

I certainly wouldn’t mind having a friend or two over to watch the games, but as I’ve previously mentioned, I don’t actually know very many fans of my particular team, and most of my friends are married with kids, so not exactly overflowing with free time on the weekends. We’ll probably get together a few times during the college football season and cook out at someone’s house, but that’s about the limit of my exciting social life these days, and I don’t really mind that. I certainly did enough partying for 5 people in my younger days, so one of the few things about being 35 that doesn’t bother me is that it’s considered fine for me to not have to go out to bars and party anymore.

Still haven’t decided if I’m going to fire up the smoker tomorrow and make some of my in my mind famous ribs. It’s a bit of work, not really cooking them, but cleaning the smoker in advance and getting it ready to go, but the results are usually worth it. I’m definitely going to be using a grill in some shape or fashion tomorrow. Might just have to do my Woodchuck cider and Dale’s marinated pork tenderloin instead.

By the way, if you don’t live in the south you probably have no clue what Dale’s is. It’s a soy sauce based marinade called Dale’s Steak Seasoning. I actually rarely use it on steaks as it can be a bit overpowering, but it’s pretty damn good to marinate chicken or pork in, especially if you mix it with some apple cider or beer to cut some of the saltiness and give it a sweeter, more complex flavor. Chicken or pork marinated in this way turns out great when grilled. So if you happen to notice it in the condiment/marinade section of your local supermarket, give it a try: just remember to use it sparingly as it can be very salty, and to mix in some other things with it…beer…cider…worcestershire sauce…etc.

My philosophy on steaks is quite different from that of chicken or pork. I don’t marinate my steaks, just brush a bit of olive oil on each side, and then liberally season both sides with my various spices and spice mixtures that I’ve discovered I like over the years. Always large grain salt and fresh pepper, usually some garlic and onion powder, and then generally some spice mixtures..depending on my mood. Cavender’s Greek seasoning is a good one for steaks for instance. Toss said steaks on the grill, cook them to medium, and you’re good to go. The taste of the beef is enhanced by the spices, but still comes through. Marinated steaks to me tend to be all one note.

Anyway, now that you’ve heard another manifesto from me on food, I told you, I take my food’m off to finish up a few last things before I’m free for good. I’ll write some more in a little bit I’m sure. Hope everyone is having a great Friday and thanks for reading.


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