Looong day

Made it back from school. I’m glad I’m slowly working my way back into this thing with only one night a week; the 2 and a half hour class isn’t that bad but the 50 minute drive each way sucks, especially on the way home. It’s 10:20 here and I haven’t even eaten dinner yet..guess I could have stopped for fast food but I’m trying to be healthy and I have to leave for class at like 4:45 and I’m not used to eating that early, so on class nights it’s often a very late dinner

I did start listening to “The Kitchen House”, which I’m enjoying so far. It’s about a young Irish girl that ends up as an indentured servant on a plantation in I’m guessing Virginia in the late 1700s..even though she’s white, she’s considered on the same level as any of the other slaves and it’s pretty interesting so far.

I find the indentured servant thing interesting because supposedly my first ancestor that came to America in 1651 was sent here as an indentured servant after being on the wrong side of a battle with the English or something to that effect(I’m a Scot). He worked his 7 or however many years in Maryland and then ended up doing pretty well for himself, when he died he left several plantations and a good bit of land in his will.

Anyhow, I think my grill’s heated up now so time to cook a quick dinner before I pass out from hunger. I’ll try to write more later.


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