Things that make me weird and/or crazy

Feel free to join in with your own…it’s fun for the whole family.

If I’m dealing with anything with a digital reading or display…from tv or stereo volume controls to microwaving things…I always need even numbers. Even on my thermostat I don’t like it on an odd number..which can be annoying at times.

I love to cook but I’m very close to the world’s pickiest eater. For instance, I like the taste of onions but can’t stand the texture of them…same with mushrooms. I depise even the thought of mayo so many of the so-called summertime “salads” are persona non grata in my house.

I often get more angry at inanimate objects than I do at people/animals. Like if I stub my toe or run into something, it’s not because I’m a clumsy oaf, it’s because that thing was out to get me.

I’m not hugely superstitious but I knock on wood and cross my fingers constantly.



3 thoughts on “Things that make me weird and/or crazy

  1. I have to have all right angles in stacks of paper aligned with the corner of the desk or table. I triple check whether I have my keys even though I know where I put them. I get irrationally angry when dishes are added as I’m washing them, I like to do it all in one go and have measured my effort accordingly.

    • Yeah, I’m bad with the keys thing, and I always think I left the door unlocked anytime I’m 20 mins away from my house. This dishes thing is funny but I can dig it, living alone I don’t ever have that happen but I do like to do them all in one go.

  2. I like groups of three. Like having things arranged on my dresser in little groups of three. I’m also the complete opposite of you with the electronic display thing. I need odd numbers. Like my air at home is always set on like 71 or 73 never 70 or 72… I’m strange

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