Rants and Raves…err..more rants

So since this is supposed to be my personal platform to get shit off my chest…I’m going to warn anyone that’s reading this, I’ve got some stuff to rant about…hopefully some can relate or even agree, but if not, as I said last night, feel free to skip this one. I don’t see this one as much me bitching as just plain ranting.

Alright, so first off, my mom has a cat. I don’t like cats, and this one is a particular asshole of a cat. Now, I know plenty of people that have cats and love them and all that good stuff, I just have made a personal choice based on my experiences not to like them on a general basis, there have been cats here and there that I’ve judged agreeable on a one on one basis, but again, I generally don’t like them. Not saying you’re a bad person if you do like cats, just implying it(kidding).

I’m a dog guy, I don’t like all dogs either, but if I’m gonna own an animal it’s gonna be a dog every time. I like dogs and dislike cats for the very same reasons that some uppity cat people claim cats are superior to dogs. I want an animal that I share my house and life with and pay to feed and take to the vet to get damn excited when I come home after being away…I don’t care if cats are supposedly smarter or more self sufficient or whatever, to me they just aren’t nearly as affectionate as dogs and even when they are, I’ll take a dog jumping on me, wagging its tail, and licking my face over a cat purring and running thru my damn legs.

I know there’s plenty of people that have been bitten by dogs and hell I’ve seen a few dogs that scared me a little bit, but in general, cats make me much more nervous. I don’t want something sitting on my lap that can just decide on a whim to stick out needle sharp claws near my crotch. And honestly I just kinda find cats to be unsanitary animals. Yes, I know dogs are just as bad but dogs also don’t jump up on my kitchen counters or dining room table after scratching thru a litter box.

So long rant short, I don’t like cats and I definitely don’t like my mom’s cat..nor does my dog for that matter.

The next thing that I realized that has been bugging me for awhile now is neighbors. Now some of you have probably heard about my neighbors that stuck a chicken coop next to my property without so much as saying a word to me about it, but whatever, I’m trying to get over that.

I’ve had some neighbors that I liked alright, some I really had no opinion on one way or another, and some I’ve hated, but my real point is that unless you’re actually a friend of mine, in which case you’re more than a neighbor, why the fuck should I have to stop and talk to you every time we happen to pass each other?

I guess my anxiety problems give me a little social anxiety in that I’m not huge on one on one conversations with people I don’t really know, but it really annoys me that just because someone lives on the same road as me, I must feel obligated to stop and talk to them about basically nothing and make smalltalk anytime we run into each other.

Like when I’m out walking in my neighborhood to get some exercise and have my earbuds in, I dread seeing a neighbor driving up or out walking as well or out in their yard because I don’t want to have to stop to talk to them. I guess that makes me an asshole and a bad neighbor, but I really just want to be left alone most of the time, and not waste either of our time with meaningless talk.

Maybe I really am destined to be a hermit, I don’t know. To be fair I feel the same way about situations like running into some person that I went to high school with that I wasn’t friends with or didn’t even really know and us both having to act like we are interested in each others’ lives for a few mins.

I’m probably kind of a hypocrite on this subject as well, because I’m actually one of those people that thinks that social niceties and manners and just thinking about other people than yourself are admirable traits..I just don’t extend that to social interactions with people I don’t know, I won’t be rude but it just bothers me.

And on the subject of social niceties and just common courtesy, what the fuck is up with how many people seem to just walk around in their own little bubble these days? I actually DO walk around in my own little bubble when I’m out in public a lot because I’m often listening to a book or podcast on my ipod, but I also think about my surroundings and other people enough that I won’t stop or abandon my shopping cart in the middle of a crowded aisle at a store and make other people have to either ask me to move it or try to thread some kind of needle just to get by.

I won’t stand in front of a display of something in a store for 20 mins if someone else is obviously try to look at the same thing. I won’t go to the instant checkout thing at the grocery store if I have a huge cartfull of shit that’s going to take me 20 mins to scan and pay for…let alone when the store is crowded. I won’t go to a drive thru if I’m getting food for like 15 people and there’s 5 cars behind me. I try never to cut in front of people and will often let other people go ahead if we show up at the same time.

These are just a few of the things that I notice on a regular basis and can never see myself doing, and it’s not because I’m a great person, I’m probably an asshole, but I’m an asshole that DOES think about how my actions affect other people. I also like to think it’s because I was raised with a certain dusting of manners and decorum. If I bump into someone or need them to move, I say excuse me, I hold open doors for people…I do the dude thing of just holding onto the door for the next dude but I’ll hold open the door for a woman.

I think part of my problem with a lot of this seemingly oblivious bullshit that people pull is not so much that they pull it, but that I’m surprised when they do..and that I’m mild mannered and logical enough to think that it’s just a mistake and as soon as they realize that hey, I’d like to look at the steak section that you’ve been standing in front of for 10 mins too otherwise I wouldn’t have been standing here, they’ll realize their mistake and rectify it. But that rarely happens.

Anyway, I think that’s enough rants for tonight. I feel better, do you? And feel free to tell me I’m wrong and an asshole.


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