Happy Sunday

Well, my mom’s leaving in the morning so I’ll have my house to myself again soon…and of course tomorrow it’s supposed to rain..if it doesn’t I’m drinking a few beers and grilling out for damn sure…maybe even getting out in the river. I really want to buy a kayak but it doesn’t make much sense this late in the year at all…not to mention it’s even bigger, more expensive, and cumbersome to store than the mountain bike I bought myself for my birthday and haven’t ridden in a couple of months.

I’m tired as hell tonight…I’m not an early riser on the weekends but of course my mom is one of those people that gets up early and doesn’t worry about being quiet..lol. To show how exciting my life is, today consisted of my mom and I driving around to various places to try to find a little storage shed/closet thing to keep my lawnmower in, finding one at Home Depot, and putting it together. Nice of her to buy it for me though.

Seems like everyone in my neighborhood is having some sort of party this weekend but me..oh well…like I said…if it doesn’t rain tomorrow I’m gonna do my damnedest to have an enjoyable Labor Day, even if I’m not sure why we celebrate it, and I’m a former history major.

It felt weird not watching any football today after watching 8 or 9 hours yesterday. I’m thinking next weekend I’m get up relatively early (meaning before 11) Saturday morning, fire up the smoker, and make some of my world(or at least locally) famous ribs. Then I’m going to probably watch 12 hours of college football including the UGA/Mizzou game for which I’m already getting fired up. I very well might not take a shower or leave the house assuming I buy food, beer, and cigs on Friday.

Come to think of it I might have to put up a recipe section for some of my great and well known foods..my ribs have no name but rock and some reading this might know of my “Better Than Sex(not with me) Chocolate Chip Cookies” or “The Best Chicken Ever” which must be cooked in a hole in the ground whether you have access to a grill or not.

I’ll tell those stories and maybe recipes some other time, but short story is, I like to cook. Especially since despite being a town that makes a lot of its money off of tourists, Blue Ridge doesn’t have very many good restaurants to my taste at least. And that’s 20 mins away anyhow. It IS nice how it cuts down on your fast food consumption since unless I want to go to Sonic, which I don’t really like, every other one is at least 20 mins away so cold food by the time you get home tends to make it not worth the trouble.

Anyhow, I might post something later but I figured I should put at least one up today, even if it’s more ramblings about nothing.


3 thoughts on “Happy Sunday

    • I’m sure that can be arranged. I’ll have to make a full post to explain some of the provenance or notoriety of these names, and how I actually DO cook my ribs. Maybe tomorrow. Hope you have a good Labor Day if I don’t talk to you hon. I’m planning on trying to celebrate a bit myself but of course it’s gonna rain here tomorrow

  1. Ooo I want the cookie recipe! You know I have a fondness for late night cookie cooking… and you know if you really want to elevate your cookie recipe.. really kick it up another notch.. lol… Cook them pantsless … I recall that use to work for me =P

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