Mission Statement Part 2

So with the football seasons starting up, and with just some of the random self analysis I’ve been doing too lately, I’ve started to rethink my whole “I don’t need a focus, I’m gonna write whatever the fuck I want” idea.

I’m still going to do that..lol…but I realize that some people might be more interested in a post on college football than one about how my dad’s an asshole…and there may even be some that are the opposite..poor souls.

So what I’m saying is, if reading a 1000+ words plus about my dad or my anxiety disorder doesn’t interest you quite as much as a book, music, or football related post, then read what ya want and ignore the rest. I won’t be offended…much. As I’ve said before, this is like my personal platform to get shit off my mind, and my mind works in very strange ways as you might have noticed.

So while I’d love it if you read my ramblings about my dad or my neuroses and relate to them in some way and equally enjoy me writing about the relative merits of the UGA running backs,  I realize that ain’t gonna happen for everyone..I just like feeling like someone is out there reading something what I’m writing, no matter what it is, and that someone might like it. So read what ya want, and feel free to skip over what ya don’t want to…just keep coming back if you like anything I write and I’ll keep writing.

To be totally honest, I do check out my stats once a day or so, and my ego gets a boost from seeing how many views I have per day, but it(being my ego) is also not gonna take a hit if you only read my football story and ignore my book review or whatever.

So just thanks for reading and for the encouragement.


2 thoughts on “Mission Statement Part 2

  1. I’m totally self-conscious about my stats. I check the page just to check my stats. That makes it really weird, b/c I ‘m not writing to be famous or to make money or whatever but I still guess I need, or want, that…validation? Anyway, you’ve got the right attitude. Write what you want, screw the rest.

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