Mom left and went to go antiquing and hit all the touristy shops in blue ridge so I’m free to watch the Dawgs game in peace…and have a cig.

I hadn’t mentioned this but I’m a closet smoker…been trying to quit for awhile with more success some times than others…stress makes me want one…my mom stresses me out..she thinks I quit years ago so I have to sneak around if I want one…I think she knows I still smoke sometimes but we maybe have a don’t ask/don’t tell policy on that one.

UGA isn’t playing all that great but on the bright side the two freshman running backs Marshall and Gurley are playing a lot in the second half. One of my favorite things about college ball is getting to see if the young guys live up to their hype. The Isiah Crowell experiment didn’t work out so well but I think/hope these two guys are tougher and have better attitudes.

And you know how you know you’re getting old? I almost said these two “kids” in that last sentence…

So come on Dawgs, feed the young RBs, get the defensive backups in there and let’s just get outta this game with a W and no more injuries!!


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