Looong day

It sure as hell shouldn’t seem like a long day at 11pm on the Saturday of a holiday weekend unless you’ve been out on the lake since noon and had too much beer and sun or something…certainly not if you spent the day hanging out with a parent…but I’m beat. I was going to write a football related post tonight but I’m thinking that’s gonna have to wait until tomorrow.

I did manage to get in 7 or 8 hours of college football in today even with my mom being here…so that was nice..and there was the added bonus that the UGA game was televised so I got to watch that. They were playing Buffalo, a cupcake team, so I figured there was no way it would be on TV, but never underestimate the SEC network noon game…at least someone’s taken over the Jefferson Pilot shitty SEC noon game tradition since I don’t even know if that company even exists anymore.

UGA won, as they should have, but not nearly as dominantly as they should have according to most…even though they put up 45 and won by 20 or so. There’s a long tradition among college football fans, especially in the south, of seeing their team struggle with a crappy team for a half or so in the first game of a season, and then spouting off on messageboards about how bad the season is going to be or wanting to jump off bridges.

I had a buddy in college, a bigtime Clemson fan..that would get in a bad mood any Saturday his team lost…which I can admit to at times. There’s been nites where I’ve been in a pissy mood because UGA lost. The thing with him though is if you didn’t see the game and saw him in a bad mood at a party that night you’d assume Clemson lost and say something sympathetic, and he’d say something along the lines of: “No, we won…we just played like shit”.

Generally, my worst college football vice is that when my team wins, I love reading glowing stories about them on every website I can find, but if they lose, I avoid any college football site or blog like the plague and make sure I stick to only pro related stuff on ESPN and SI.com. for at least a few days. I will also admit I’ve engaged in the schadenfreude of going to a hated rival team’s message board after they lose or even better after my team beats them and basking in the collective meltdown. I’m not quite as bad as the guys that actually troll the sites, but I definitely enjoy reading some Gator or South Carolina wailings and lamentations.

So anyway, back to my particular team, the University of Georgia Bulldogs, affectionately known as the Dawgs around these parts, they won, so I’m not gonna get all pissy about some things I didn’t like that happened. UGA has a long tradition of having players do dumb shit like fail drug tests or get DUIs or get caught with a little weed during the offseason and so having key players suspended for the first one or two games of a season is pretty much a normal occurence.

This year apparently was the defense’s turn, so I’m not really too worried about giving up 20 points or whatever to a shitty team when some of the best defensive players weren’t playing. I think my team’s QB might give me an aneurysm this year, and I have nightmares about thin offensive lines and injuries, but hey, college football’s here, my team won, and they have a couple of freshman RBs that look like they could be the real deal…which gets me stoked.

I love watching to see if highly touted new guys pan out..and to me a good RB is one of the most fun things to have on your team…and seeing as how the previous highly touted RB got thrown off the team for driving around with a gun with the serial numbers filed off and had some serious attitude problems, I’m definitely ready for the Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall era to replace the Isiah Crowell one.

I apparently had a bit more writing in me than I thought, but I think I’m going to go find something to watch on netflix and try to get sleepy now, so Cheers everyone. Hope you’re all having a fun and more exciting Labor Day weekend than I am.


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