Football season is here finally!!

So the college football season starts this weekend and I guess the NFL starts next weekend. I know there’s already been a couple of college games and that the first NFL one is on like a Wednesday or something but I don’t count the season started til the first full weekend of either. One game is nice, but I want a full day of action, clicking back and forth between games, checking scores online…etc.

I watched a bit of the Boise State/Michigan State game but I honestly don’t care about football outside of the south this early in the season unless it’s pulling against Ohio State or USC or Notre Dame or other special circumstances.

This weekend’s gonna be a bit of a letdown for me because Georgia is playing a cupcake so the game won’t be on tv, and plus with my mom coming I can’t just literally lay on the couch the entire day and do nothing but watch football. I’m kinda excited about the Clemson/Auburn game tomorrow night because I have a lot of Clemson fan friends and I don’t really care for Auburn so I’m sure I’ll watch that.

I’m really just looking forward to next weekend: Georgia is playing Missouri in their first SEC game, and I don’t plan on doing a damn thing but watching football from 12 til 12. That’s one of the reasons I love the college game more than the pro one. You wake up at 11:45 or so on Saturday, usually watch a fairly crappy game at noon as an of them is usually at least an SEC one, then the 3:30 CBS SEC game…then some dinner and it’s time for the 8:00 ESPN game, which is often an SEC matchup and usually a decent game…and plus it’s Saturday so no worries about work yet.

With the NFL, it’s on Sunday so the weekend’s almost over, you can really only watch a max of 3 games unless you pay for the Sunday Ticket thing, and you don’t get to choose which ones. I’ll watch every Falcons game and a lot of times the NBC nighttime game will be a decent one, but it’s just not nearly the same as a college football saturday.

Anyway, GO DAWGS!!


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