UGA/UT game final thoughts

Well, that was a wild game. Not very happy with how the defense played and they better get things tightened up during the week. Next week is against South Carolina for possibly the SEC east title. I’m not sure that the Cocks have the passing game that UT has but they have Marcus Lattimore…which is scary enough.

So, on to the game: as previously mentioned it looked like the Dawgs might win this one going away in the first quarter until stupid mistakes and turnovers let the Vols not only get back into the game, but take the lead until a tying field goal right at the end of the half by UGA.

One the positive side, Keith Marshall has officially entered my man crush zone along with Todd Gurley…see above picture. Most teams are happy to have a running back get over 100 yards: Marshall ended up with 164 and 2 TDs and Gurley had 130 and 3 TDs. I honestly haven’t been this excited about one, let alone two, freshmen since maybe AJ Green’s freshman year or Matt Stafford’s, and honestly these guys have been more impressive than either of those eventual first round NFL picks so far. It’s amazing that these guys were playing high school football this time last year and now they are playing in the toughest conference in college football, and playing well. The really cool thing is that they were friends in high school and decided to come to UGA together so while there’s probably healthy competition, you can tell they both pull for each other.

Anyway, enough gushing about my man crushes. As for the rest of the offense, if you take out a few bad plays that led to turnovers, they were basically unstoppable. UT’s defense had no answer for the running backs or the passing game. As much as I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Aaron Murray over the years, I really think he’s improved a lot this year. His decision making seems to be a lot better even though I still reeeeeally wish he would hold onto the ball when he’s about to get sacked. A sack fumble inside Georgia’s 20 led to some of the gift points that UT got today to get back into the game. If you don’t watch much UGA football, this happens more than most fans would like with Murray. He had a pick six also but overall he played pretty damn well and the offense is putting up 40+ points a game so far this year.

As far as the receivers go, I really can’t remember a lot of big plays by them outside of two nice TD catches by Micheal Bennett, who is close to man crush eligibility too. It’s not that the receivers played badly, but it seemed like every other drive one of the RBs was ripping off a 50+ yard TD run so Murray wasn’t getting a chance to throw it around as much as usual. TE Lynch had another nice run after catch.

As much as I’m hot and cold on Mark Richt and the OC Mike Bobo, I can’t complain about how many points the offense is putting up this year. My only quibble would be their tendency to go conservative in the 4th quarter with a lead. While that’s smart when the defense is playing well, with the way the offense was humming like a well oiled machine and the defense was…well..let’s be nice and say not doing the same, the run 2 times into a stacked line and then have an incomplete pass on 3rd and long and then punt might not be the best strategy.

I was reading on some Vol message board earlier where some posters were pointing to their defense shutting UGA down in the 4th quarter. To that I would say that anyone that has watched any video of Georgia in the last five years plus, could tell you that Richt/Bobo were going to go conservative with a lead in the 4th quarter and try to run clock. It doesn’t take a genius Defensive Coordinator to figure this out and stack the line knowing that UGA isn’t gonna come out slinging it around. A win’s a win, and yes, if Richt/Bobo had let Murray keep slinging it around or taken a few more chances then a mistake could have had dire consequences, but on the other hand us fans might not have had to sweat out a 7 point lead where the defense finally came up with some turnovers to stop UT.

As far as the defense goes, I don’t really know what to say. This was the week that it got back it’s best safety and one of the better LBs from suspension, so everyone figured it would come out firing on all cylinders, but that was not at all the case. Granted 7 of UTs points came off the pick six and at least 14 points came from very short fields due to fumbles by Murray and Marshall, but there were also UT receivers running free. Patterson had a sure TD pass clank off his hands and Bray missed some other open guys. The scarier part to me was that UT was actually able to run reasonably well: that was supposed to be the Vols’ main weakness. And a reverse run by Patterson for a long TD looked like the Keystone Cops were trying to tackle him.

On the positve side, Swann had a really nice interception in the first half, a one handed grab, and the defense was finally able to turn over Bray on his last three drives to win the game, but damn, they need to play better than that to beat SC next week. I wonder if perhaps having Rambo and Ogletree back might have been part of the problem, they were bound to be a bit rusty with this being their first game. And unfortunately my defensive mancrush Jarvis Jones didn’t have his name called a lot today and there was basically no pressure on Bray until the last few drives that sealed the game in the 4th quarter. I’ll give a lot of credit to whoever UT’s OC is, he really took Jones out of the game and their offensive line played well.

Special teams almost don’t deserve to be talked about. Somehow freshman kicker Marshall Morgan has no problem with a 50 yard field goal but has a habit of missing extra points. There were basically no returns today and Gurley for some reason stepped out of bounds at the one fielding one kickoff…I believe that resulted in one of the short fields that UT scored on.

All things considered, this was the type of gut check game that past UGA teams would have lost, so I’m happy with the win. Hopefully the coaches will kick some ass in practice this week and the defense and special teams will play a lot better next week in Columbia. I’m already nervous and excited about playing the Shamecocks.

Saturday ramblings

Ugh. Well I thought I was going to get to enjoy seeing Georgia beat the crap out of Tennessee until the Dawgs decided to let the Vowels back in the game by making dumb mistake after dumb mistake. So it went from 27-10 Dawgs at the end of the first quarter to 30-30 at halftime. There better be some yelling going on in that locker room. I hate the Vols, from their horrible hunter/convict orange to them playing Rocky Top every time they gain two yards. They actually have a coonhound as their mascot ffs. Hopefully the Dawgs put them away in the second half.

Monday Ramblings

Well, it’s officially chilly in my house today, and I love it. I’ve got on my fleece pants, a long sleeve shirt, and warm socks. Of course in a couple of months I’ll be bitching about how it’s freezing all the time but for now I’m enjoying it starting to feel like fall.

Speaking of cold weather, another problem with living in the middle of nowhere is that my heating system, stove, and oven run off of propane. During the summer I basically go through next to none of it, but once winter comes around having the heat on burns through the stuff a lot faster. I have an underground tank that does have a gauge on it that tells you how much is left percentage wise, but I rarely get around to checking it. So generally when I notice it is empty is when I wake up and it’s 45 degrees in my house. And for some reason the propane company isn’t a fan of doing same day deliveries: they will, but they charge you like 75 bucks extra.

There’s been several times where it’s gone dry over a weekend or I’ve just decided to wait until the next day so as to not pay the extra fee. I can tell you with experience that a normal fireplace, even with a roaring fire, does NOT put out much heat. I’ve had to pull out my camping gear and sleep in the sleeping bag a couple of times. That’s another odd thing I’ve noticed: when it’s 45 or 50 degrees outside it will seem a bit chilly but not that bad, but when it’s the same temperature in your house you start expecting icicles to form on things.

It was a good sports weekend, Falcons beat the Chargers pretty badly yesterday, the New Orleans Aints lost again(sorry but they have some of the biggest asshole fans on the internet), UGA killed Vandy, and Georgia Tech choked away a game to Miami. Unfortunately Notre Dame beat an overrated Michigan team so they will now be in the top 10 I’m sure, and I was hoping Clemson would beat FSU so we didn’t have to hear how Florida State is finally back again.

The new WoW(World of Warcraft) expansion is coming out tomorrow and I’m sad and embarrassed to admit that I’m a bit excited about that. I’m probably going to buy it digitally so I don’t have to drive to a Walmart at midnight, though god knows how long the download will take. Yes, I’m a dork and proud to admit it.

Anyway, I’m off to find some dinner. Hope everyone is having a good night.

UGA/Vandy postgame thoughts

Well, I wasn’t so much worried about Georgia losing this game as much as I was expecting it to be a close game, but it certainly didn’t turn out that way: 48-3 was the final score. Granted Vanderbilt has always been somewhat the little sister of the SEC that they keep around to boost academic ratings, but Vandy had actually played South Carolina close earlier in the year, and there was some bad blood left over from last years’s game. Vandy has a second year coach that has a bit of an attitude in terms of making his team tougher, and after both sides accused each other of cheap shots in last year’s game that Georgia only won by 3 in the final minutes, Vandy’s head coach and Georgia’s defensive coordinator had to be separated at the end of the game.

With the bad blood on both sides from last year, I figured this might be a close game, but UGA just came out and methodically dissected Vandy. For only giving up three points, the Defense didn’t really have that many big plays, other than a couple of sacks by my man Jarvis Jones; they just held Vandy in check while the Offense pretty much did whatever they wanted. Aaron Murray hit his first 12 passes in a row and the two freshman running backs ran wild. I renew my mancrush on Todd Gurley, but Keith Marshall isn’t too far from making it onto that list, he continued to show flashes. Gurley just looks like a man amongst boys and almost never has a negative play. Gurley went over 100 again and both him and Marshall ended up with a pair of TDs apiece. As a UGA fan, it’s pretty freaking exciting to know that these two are just freshman and will presumably only get better.

Kudos to the offensive line as well, they made some nice holes for the running backs and I think Murray was only touched once or twice at the most. Receiver wise: Marlon Brown had a nice game, Tavarres King caught a TD and had a few other nice catches, and Murray continued to get pretty much everyone involved. He even managed to hit Gurley in stride on a pass out of the backfield for a change for a nice gain.

For the second week in a row the fourth quarter was basically just all backups, though Grantham seemed to keep a lot of the first team defenders in a bit longer, maybe to make a point after last year’s fracas.

I’m not really sure there’s a whole lot to take from this game other than that the offense looks great against mediocre to bad defenses and that instead of playing down to the competition and letting an amped team stick around like last year, this time the Dawgs just stepped on Vandy’s throats early and ended any hope that they had. I liked the killer instinct tonight and I hope it doesn’t disappear against the better teams coming up.

Tennessee is coming to Athens next week, and while they are a bit one dimensional on offense and Georgia SHOULD beat them, I’m old enough to remember the Vowels beating up on UGA on a regular basis in the past and then continuing to steal a few games they shouldn’t from the Dawgs over the last 10 years or so. I’ll never take a game against Tennessee or Florida for granted in the slightest.

Friday night ramblings

Thank god the weekend is here. Another night of staying up too late and being tired as hell all day. I think I might sleep til 1 tomorrow. I went to the store tonight and bought tons of food, including a nice looking rack of ribs, so I’m going to fire up the smoker tomorrow. UGA game isn’t until tomorrow night which is cool with me, I enjoy night games really. It’s only Vanderbilt but at least it’s on a decent network(ESPN2) so I won’t have to stream it like last weekend.

I’ve been tired all day but now’s right around the time where I’ll probably start to feel wide awake. Planning on drinking a couple of beers tonight so we’ll see how that affects my level of tiredness. I went to the Redbox in town and was going to rent a couple of movies but there wasn’t shit that I wanted to see. I don’t get how I never go to the movies but always seem to see previews of stuff that looks good, but when I want to rent a movie there’s never anything out that I feel like watching.

I haven’t been able to find any books that I wanted to buy to listen to in the car this week so I’ve been re-listening to an old one that I highly recommend: “A Short History of Nearly Everything” by Bill Bryson. If you’ve never read anything by Bryson before I recommend several of his books, but particularly this one. It’s a mixture of popular science and the history of science. You’ll learn a bit about almost every branch of science: geology, physics, chemistry, biology, and the history of some of the literally crazy people that pioneered all these fields.

It’s interesting and actually pretty funny at times. It’s educational without being overly dense or at all boring and you’ll learn a lot of random stuff that you probably never thought about. For instance, the same chemist both came up the idea of putting lead into gas and invented CFCs. So one guy poisoned the atmosphere with lead for many years and also depleted the ozone layer. It’s full of colorful but actually real characters from the history of science. I’ve been accused by a friend of reading boring books because of my tendency to read history books, but this book is not at all boring and you don’t need to be a nerd like me to enjoy it.

Anyway, I’m going to sit down and relax for a bit but I might write something else later. And of course this weekend I’ll warn anyone that I will be focused on UGA and college football most of tomorrow. Hope everyone’s having a good Friday night so far.


No, I’m not talking about the fake ham pork product, which I’ve never actually eaten. I’m talking about the email kind. I still use yahoo mail as my main personal email account even though I had to set up a gmail one when I got my phone. I actually mark stuff as spam, yet I still have massive amounts get through the supposed filter. I don’t ever bother to click on them and read them but since I run yahoo messenger at most times, I get a little popup every time I get new mail, with the sender’s name and either the subject or the first line of the email. So I get the gist of most of them.

I have two thoughts on the subject of spam email: first that there really must be a lot of people dumb enough to fall for it or the spammers wouldn’t bother. Second, I understand that most of these people/companies/whatever are based in other countries where english probably isn’t the first language, but couldn’t they hire someone with at least a 6th grade or so grasp of the english language to write their spam for them?

Obviously I’m fairly savvy when it comes to knowing not to click on things, but even if I wasn’t, I’d think that sentences like “Now you meet can many nice woman” would be enough to keep me from falling for any of them even if I were a moron. As I said, apparently they must get enough people falling for/clicking on their stuff to make it worth their time, but imagine how much more effective they could be if they hired someone that had even a slight grasp of english to craft their stuff.

Anyway, rant over.

Thursday Ramblings

So I have over 100 posts on here which is amazing to me. Of course that’s not completely a true count because it counts the links to music videos that I don’t really consider postings. Still, 101 posts isn’t bad. Now if I can get my ass back in gear and start writing on here regularly again I should be over 1000 views before long. I can’t imagine the people that have blogs that get 1000s of views per day. I don’t think I’ll ever reach that level and that’s fine with me. I know that people I like keep up with this blog and that’s enough of an ego boost and sense of accomplishment for me.

I’m so glad the week is almost over. For some reason it’s been a stressful one with the English project, work, and having a lot of little things to take care of. My sleep schedule certainly hasn’t helped. I can’t help it, I’m a night owl. I can be tired all day but once 9 or 10 rolls around I’m wide awake. I love staying up late even if it means that I don’t get a lot of sleep, which has been the case this week. I know that I need to get on a reasonable sleep schedule but I can’t seem to make myself do it. It’s not like I’m staying up all night and sleeping all day, I’m just generally not getting enough sleep so I’m tired pretty much all day, and yet once the night comes I get my second wind and am often at my most productive.

Quick Rant: with all the websites, apps, services etc. that the average person uses, most of which need a password, it would be nice if they all adhered to the same rules. I would love to have just one password for everything so I could remember it, but so many sites now require a capitalized first letter, a minimum of letters, or a certain number of numbers or symbols that I have so many passwords that are variations of the same thing, but just different enough that I have trouble remembering which one goes to which site.

I hate it when a site or app that I use all the time like youtube or facebook randomly decides that it needs my password and I have to figure out which variation to use or even have to reset the password sometimes because I can’t figure it out. Either ask me for my password every time, or never. It’s the occasional queries that screw me because I’m not used to having to use the password often enough to remember it. I should probably just go old school and write down every password variation so I can just look it up, but I’m too lazy for that. And don’t even get me started on captchas that are

I can’t wait for this weekend: some good football games on and it’s finally starting to look and feel like fall around here. I really need to clean my smoker so I can cook some of my famous ribs.

I think my phone is pretty close to giving up the ghost. Hope the new iphones are available soon. I think they were supposed to either ship or be in stores today, but I have no idea how long it takes before you can just walk into a store and buy one. I’m a bit nervous about the iphone or really any phone without a real keyboard though. That’s the ONLY thing I like about my current phone: it has a slideout keyboard. I hate touchscreens and the one on my ipod touch makes me feel fatfingered, but hopefully I’ll get used to it.

Well, I’m going to relax for a bit but I might write some more later. I have a book recommendation that I need to get to. Hope everyone is having a good night.

Loooong day

This damn English class is kicking my ass and it’s only once a week. Of course I’m the world’s worst procrastinator so while most people would use the whole week to get their work done, I always wait until the last minute. I’ll just be glad once we get done with poetry. I can write an essay on just about anything but having to analyze poetry just makes me want to pull my hair out. The 50 something minute drive each way doesn’t help my level of tiredness. I feel bad for the people that work a hard job all day and have to go to night class afterwards so I really can’t complain.

There’s one guy in my class that is batshit crazy. I feel bad making fun of him because he really does have some sort of psychological issues, but this dude is just weird. If I were a female I’d be majorly creeped out by him…as I’m pretty sure several girls in my class are. He looks kinda like a younger version of the Unabomber..Iike if I saw this guy in the paper for shooting some place up I’d really not be surprised as bad as that sounds. In class he’s alright though he asks really random questions but when we have our smoke/bathroom break we all go to the same spot outside and he just says and does some really odd stuff. He wears glasses and tonight he had literally a piece of white string tied onto one side of the frames and the other end tied to his belt or something…

Anyway, my “presentation” of my poetry thing went alright. Most people had someone from youtube reading their poem but I for whatever reason read my own and even though I thought I stumbled a bit in the reading of it, everyone clapped and said I did a really good job. Kinda odd really. Maybe I should hone my skills and become a professional poetry reader. I’m pretty sure my paper was C level at best but I don’t really give a shit, just glad it’s done.

There’s actually some nice people in my class, and I’m not the oldest by a good bit, though it was depressing to find out that the somewhat cute girl I sit next to is 18…at least I’m not quite twice her age yet.

Well, as you can tell I’m beat and majorly rambling but I will try to get back on a regular schedule of posting several times a day now that I’ll have a bit more time. Have a good night and thanks for reading.

In Class..I’m still alive

So I got my stupid poetry analysis/annotated bibliography project done this afternoon…nothing like waiting til the last minute right? I’m not sure at all how good a job I did, but I just got to the fuck it point. I’m not one of those perfectionists that will keep at something until it’s perfect unless it interests me; this poem did not. I just finally said fuck it, I’m getting it done and turning it in and if I get a shitty grade then I’ll make it up later.

Now I’m sitting in class listening to other people present their poems, which is slightly more fun than watching paint dry but not by much. Just ready to get home and relax. I’m planning to start writing a lot more regularly again now that I am done with this project…I realize I’ve been slacking off lately.

Anyhow, I’d better sign off here before I get in some sort of trouble. Hope everyone is having a good night.

Tuesday Procrastinations

Out of all the bad habits I have, and there are many, I think the worst is my ability, almost compulsion, to leave things til the last minute. I have an English paper due tomorrow at 6pm that I’ve known about for like 3 weeks and I was planning on working on today, and I’ve yet to start on it. I can always seem to find something else that needs to be done first. Which is why I’m writing a blog post instead of doing it.

It’s not really something that will probably take me all night luckily. It’s just an analysis of a poem that I can’t stand: the previously mentioned “Kubla Khan” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, some sort of opium indused piece of rubbish. I actually like this English professor but this assignment is just annoying. We’re supposed to write him a letter in which we answer various questions about our poem, citing at least 6 sources, and then we have to do an annotated bibliography, which means we can’t just list the sources but must summarize each of them.

Oh well, enough bitching about that. I’ve had a fairly productive day otherwise. Now off to get this crap done so I can stop worrying about it. Hope everyone has a great night and I’ll try to write more later assuming I get this done.