Well that sucks

So I wasn’t able to go down to my friends’ cookout down in Atlanta…just too much shit to do between work and cleaning the house for dear mom’s visit. Ugh, I’m pissed because I can’t stand backing out on things like that…as I mentioned last night I worry entirely too much what others think of me…and because I rarely get to see my college friends anymore as they are all married with kids and I’m the single(literally) mismatched utensil in the drawer.

I don’t mean to say I begrudge my friends having the wives and kids, I actually really like most of my friends’ wives and they generally try to include me in stuff, but it definitely increases the sense of failure and impending age factor when you’re almost the last one that’s single.

Oh well, just gonna have a cook a nice dinner and put the football game on and then get back to cleaning I guess, and mentally prepare myself for two full days of my mom.

Those of you who read some of my posts might think I don’t love my mom, I do, she can just be a bit intense at times. She’s basically where I inherited my anxiety issues from and while I’m on meds for them, she’s not. We get along pretty well when I go down to her house in Atlanta or we’re at a neutral location, but up here it gets a little cabin fevery for me having her around for extended periods of time.

Plus quite frankly I’m jealous of all the people I see driving to the lake or beach or wherever and I’m not doing shit basically because she decided she wanted to get out of the city and didn’t want to go to her condo at the beach. She doesn’t necessarily expect me to entertain her, but being an only child and her being single, it’s not like I can in good conscience just take off and leave her to fend for herself for the whole weekend.

So yes, I’m already mentally preparing for a weekend of her asking when I’m gonna get married and have some kids and other fun mom stuff like that…I’m quite sure everyone is jealous.


One thought on “Well that sucks

  1. Too bad things fell through. Remember that just because the grass looks greener somewhere else doesn’t mean it is. I bet there are people that would trade places with you

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