So I’ve realized that if I’m going to continue to talk about or link music on this blog, I’m gonna have to get over my laziness about finding new music. The whole reason I wanted to link a vid or two every day is so someone might hear something they hadn’t heard before and like it, but I’ve basically just been posting old stuff that I happen to be listening to…as I said in the Bon Iver post..that’s probably the first song under 2 years old that I’ve posted.

I used to know a lot more about music. I read the Pitchfork and AV Club type sites, looked for stuff on youtube and message boards, and actually bought a lot of music. My taste in my younger days sucked: I wasted the 90s music scene listening to jam So when I actually decided to get back into music I wanted to find stuff that not everyone else was listening to.

And yes, that led me to mostly what some would call indie/hipster stuff in a derogatory way, but I like hearing all kinds of music, all kinds of genres, and music that challenges me.

Over the last year and a half or so, I’ve just gotten lazy with really is something you have to work at if you want to branch out of the mainstream. Interesting, exciting, experimental, challenging, or just really cool stuff doesn’t get played on the radio and it doesn’t just hop onto your ipod. You have to search it out.

I think part of my problem is that I’ve become Pandora-ized. That’s pretty much what I listen to when I’m at my computer, and while Pandora is a hell of a lot better than any previous iteration of radio, it can tend to funnel you into certain areas and you don’t often discover anything earthshattering on it. It tends to push me back to the mainstream.

This added to the fact that I really only have one or two friends that are actually into music, has just kind of stunted me. In the last year I think the only album I’ve bought that I was actually somewhat excited about was the Of Monsters and Men one. I used to buy or listen to new stuff on youtube all the time.

So anyway, I’ll try to pick up the overall quality and originality of my musical selections in the future…and I’m gonna try to get back into music…just like with writing..I’ve realized I’ve missed it.


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